Just watched Mike Rowe talk at the TED talk 2008 for the 2nd time, his idea that its bullsh*t we should all follow our passion, and that a college education is not the only way is still very poignant. And for me very peripeteia and anagnorisis.

Here his story about the TED Talk as a podcast over at his website profoundly disconnected.

Well in the case of the internet that led to me seeing this TED talk from 2006. Ken Robinson's HOw schools kill creativity is currently the most viewed talk. Watch it. It's not ADHD its that she has to move to think.

Currently I'm watching these TED talks on but I just noticed that TED talks are now on Netflix.

DISCLAIMER: In Mike Rowe's podcast about his experience at TED he hints ever so slightly that some of the talks lean liberal. Not that there is anything wrong with that. The ideas above don't seem skewed. We can all learn stuff from each other.
I'm really not that hard to buy for.

I've already maxed out all my favors and gift requests this year and probably next year too.

But I kinda love this and must have it soon. :) Consumerism strikes my heart again, in the form of a damn turtle in peanut butter.

$32.99 on skreened
So I wrote about the Miles for Meredith 5k over at the Mansfield BubbleLife. And I wrote about my recent trouble with my brand new spandex pants. You can read it on In The Loop Kids.

Running the Miles for Meredith 5k in Mansfield and My Problem with Pants

I need to figure out a way to keep them from rolling down. Cause I have to hold them up when I run or I would look like this:

Its hard to be me some days.
Once a year I visit a Fair called the Homestead Craft Fair, and I love it. It is a beautiful tradition that my family has participated in for the past 20 years. So I wrote about it at BubbleLife. I posted it in the Cedar Hill BubbleLife. Read it here >>
So I wrote a small dissertation about The Color Run. Then I posted it on BubbleLife and I shared it on my gofundme account so now all I have to do is tell you. I ran a Color Run, and I love it more than I love ice cream, I already signed up for Run or Dye (which sounds like a threat) in December.

Happy 6 months Willow. Stay smiley.

This is the 1st Mega 5k (over 2,000 people) that I have done that I would do again, possibly the other Color Run in the spring. Or there are many many others that I'll be considering. I had a blast and now I know not to get a teal bag of powered color (that color sticks/stains ev-ery-thin-g). The run was super fun and I got to bring Maggie, who besides a few toddler mini meltdowns had a good time and was a huge hit among the runners, especially after the teal explosion on her face.

Besides the not picking a dark color as your personal color bag (stick with the skinish tone colors), I would warn you that the color-throwers are instructed to not throw color at the babies, so I didn't get a ton of color on me cause I was pushing Maggie in a stroller, and they kept avoiding me.

And the teal all over maggie is all her own doing. Figures.

Why I'm doing these? Exercise should be fun. I'm running some of them for timed exercise, some of them for a good cause/charity, but most of them I'm running so that my kids grow up knowing that exercising is fun. Super fun, with tutus and crazy color themes and mud run themes and zombies and prom dresses.
If you haven't heard. I'm doing 50 5ks in one year. Today I ran No. 11. Donate to my weird hobby here.

Maggie is NOT AMUSED....are my eyes always going in two different directions?
One of the mini meltdowns, I love this picture cause she is so devastated but her shirt says HAPPY
About to go through the orange color, oompaloompas ahead

Color Party
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LOOK MOM, i found some more green in the cupholder
The medusa in the backseat

She moves a ton. There is no keeping this baby still.

So this year my Maggie is going as a rainbow for her 2nd Halloween and to compliment, Willow is going as a storm cloud with raindrops and Mommy is going to haul her around. Yes I painstabbingly made both costumes out of felt, staples, safety pins, and beads from a broken rosary I had (I'm a bad Catholic). Happy Week 23 and Happy Halloween
A lot of felt later..... yes I made both of these. I hope they appreciate this when they get older. :)

Took a photography class this weekend with the lovely Taylor Jackson. I really hope to improve my daily photography skills for the babies. I'm still experimenting with all the buttons.
Here is Maggie's Book Week. I love these girls.