Duck Soap Box Creative is a one-person design agency set up to work closely with agencies and small businesses. Crystal Roznik, that one person, has been in the agency/promotions/branding/web design business for the larger part of a decade and enjoys working with a variety of clients, big and small.

Capabilities include but not limited to:
Graphic Design • Logos • Business Cards • Web design • Web Banners • Blogspot Design • Social Media Management • Book covers • Branding • BubbleLife Connect setup (online marketing & organization)
So I met this guy that was willing to put ads for Duck Soap Box Creative on his site for free. He just needed me to create them for him. Kinda weird to work on...
My biggest client just went through a full redesign of their site. We added a forum, reorganized the pages so that they can be found easier and basically...
Military Style. That s what I told this client. They were looking for a quick 5-8 page website for a convention and they needed it in 10 days. Which if you are...
So for this website I officially did the before AND the after . so I m not showing you the before. It wasn t horrid but I did it in Wix .. don t do that ever....
Did a redesign for Dumb White Husband and it was a blast. I had to get into the mind of my target market . I wish I could say it was hard to do . it wasn t. Oh...
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