BubbleLife Local Marketplaces Coming Soon!

Coming Soon Soon, BubbleLife communities will offer local online marketplaces featuring local merchants and organizations. Think of it like Etsy for the neighborhood. But instead of crafts, the BubbleLife marketplace features everything local.

  • Want to browse and buy online, then pick up locally?
  • Want to find gift certificates from local businesses?
  • Want to easily donate to local school groups?
  • Want to sign up for local classes?
  • Want discounts and special offers to local restaurants and retailers?

BubbleLife’s new marketplace offers all of this and more.

Are you a local merchant or organization?
For participating merchants and organizations, BubbleLife’s marketplace provides a low cost way to locally promote and sell to thousands of new local customers.

Prior to official launch, we’re looking for local firms who would like to reach new customers with online offers. If you’d like to get in early, receive special training and free usage, please sign up below.

There are a limited number of slots available, so sign up early.

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