What Our Familes Say

"With searching the right school for my girls, like many parents, I have toured the various daycares and preschools.  I've even been enrolled in and utilized other centers for short periods of time.  Every facility is different, and being certain that you are making the right choice for your child can be unnerving.  From the moment my husband and I walked into St. Christopher's for a tour, we knew this was the school for our girls.  The three primary factors that made us follow our instincts are: 1. The first thing I noticed was the school's vast diversity.  No race outweighs the other, and there are so many cultures our children benefit from learning about; 2. The Director - this is her legacy.  This is her home away from home.  She has a personal stake in the happiness of the children and their parents; 3. The teachers - I can see the love in their eyes not only for the children, but for what they do as teachers every day.  The instant community that SCMS provides for families is not something I've experienced elsewhere.  I couldn't be more proud of the fact that my daughters will grow to have SCMS as a key component of their upbringing." - Rollin Skowronski, Project Manager, Vickery Place/East Dallas

"I cannot recommend SCMS enough.  My daughter has learned so much here, and I feel she is well prepared to start Kindergarten in the fall.  The teachers are welcoming and loving, and they make SCMS a place where children are comfortable expanding their horizons.  One of my favorite things about SCMS, however, is its focus on enrichment of the child as a whole person.  The children learn about citizenship and being contributing members of a community.  My daughter has learned to look outside of herself and about the importance of being good to others. These are life-long lessons that I am grateful she has been exposed to at this age."  -  Becca Lickteig, Attorney, Lakewood Heights

“I highly recommend Saint Christopher’s Montessori School to anyone seeking a preschool for their 2-6 year olds.  Both of my children have attended this wonderful school.  My son started at age 4, and my daughter at age 2 ½.   The teachers and staff here are tremendous.  Before starting at SCMS, my daughter struggled with separation anxiety, and so my husband and I were very concerned about how she would adjust.  However, in less than a week, thanks to loving and understanding teachers, she became a happy preschooler at SCMS.  Two years later, she is a well adjusted and confident little girl, who has many friends and a love for learning.  I know I made the right choice in schools every morning, when she runs in to give one of her teachers a hug.  SCMS has also been wonderful for my son.  He starts kindergarten in the fall and is so well prepared thanks to SCMS.  He is reading, writing, and doing arithmetic.  Most importantly, he does these “works” (a Montessori concept I love) with interest and joy.  Learning is a celebration at SCMS – the school is definitely not just a daycare.  The school also has a diverse student population and is very affordable compared to other preschools in the area.  I consider my family so fortunate to be a part of the SCMS community!“ – Lakshmi Nayar, Attorney, University Park

"We enrolled our daughter into SCMS Fall 2008 after visiting quite a number of schools (Montessori and non-Montessori) because of its size, family tradition and tenured staff.  Sophia was extremely shy going in, but has now become more confident and outgoing.  She was admitted to pre-K at one of the Montessori DISD schools and we fully attribute this achievement to SCMS's commitment to education and child development." - Tony Lau and Yvonne Xu, "M" Streets/East Dallas

"I was looking for a loving place for my child to go to school and found it at St. Christopher's.  These are very special years so I visited about 5 other places and the only one I liked was St. Christopher's.  My son is now 4 years old and he loves it too.  He has been attending during the regular school year plus the summers.  I didn't to send him to a school that tested him, but one that worked with him.  They helped me with potty training, which is a big deal because he wasn't ready early.  If I ever had a question or concern they were addressed right away and with loving care." - Janina Solomon, Highland Park

"When I was four years old, my parents made a decision that I am still thanking them for and that was to send me to a Montessori school.  I still think of that year as my best year of school and always knew that when I had a child, I would send her to a Montessori school.  Ellie started at St. Christopher's when she was two and I feel certain that the foundation that she has received will give her an edge and a desire to learn the rest of her life.  I have been especially impressed with the Fine Art program.  Ellie has worked with all different mediums of art - from acrylics and watercolors to mosaics and creating stepping stones for our garden.  While many schools teach the foundations, St. Christopher's goes the extra mile to offer additional classes to families such as Fine Art, Music Appreciation, Spanish and Ballet.  Ellie loves school and her teachers and that makes me a very happy mother." - Tiffany Bright, Environmental Engineer, Park Cities

"St. Christopher's has provided our 2 girls with an excellent learning experience in a loving environment.  St. Christopher's provided them all the tools necessary to be ready for further education.  The girls love all the activities available including art, ballet, computers, music, Spanish and Stretch-N-Grow. From social engagement with others, to learning about math and reading, St. Christopher's is an excellent start for any child.  We are thrilled that we found such a great school to enrich our children's minds and hearts!" - Corey and Sherry Fawcett, Garland

"I grew up going to a Montessori school and truly believe it made all the difference in my life, both academically and in my self-confidence.  When it came time to find a school for my children, a boy and a girl, I researched all of the options and was thrilled to find St. Christopher's.  The warm, safe environment has allowed both my children to develop in their own special way (they are so different in temperament and learning style) and both have positively thrived.  My daughter, who is cautious and introverted, adored her teachers and was more than prepared for kindergarten (I have heard more than one teacher in the HP and UP systems comment on how well prepared and mature the children from St. Christopher's are).  My son is an active daredevil.  I am now thrilled to be watching him develop, with the careful guidance of the St. Christopher's teachers, into a responsible, self-confident boy who loves learning.  I feel the teachers at St. Christopher's really see each child as an individual and have brought out the best in both my children, helping them to focus their energy in a way that will serve them all of their lives.  Thank you St. Christopher's!" - Jenny Mader, Artist/Mom, Highland Park

"In over three years of preschool, we found SCMS to be a loving environment that nurtures the self-confidence and creativity for each of its students.  When we first visited SCMS as prospective parents, we asked about the interview process for our child.  The Director of SCMS told us that they did not need to interview a 2 year old; SCMS deals with each child as they are and where they are.  This acceptance made us feel so comfortable with SCMS philosophy.  SCMS has helped our child grow socially and academically beyond our expectations, and we are certain she is exceptionally well prepared for kindergarten.  We will truly miss the kindness, patience and quality of its teachers and staff." - Sarah & Andy Soong, Finance Director & Banker, Highland Park

"In the past 7 years, our kids spend every summer at St. Christopher's Montessori School, a place where they feel like part of a family.  We consider it to be a safe and a trusted place for growing our kids.  The teachers are wonderful and really care about their students.  Here we have discovered a new way of education for our children.  Everthing is about learning with fun in a creative way for all activities.  Our family feels so blessed by having SCMS as a part of our life.  Thank you for being here." - Dora and Larry Pop, Upper Greenville/Old East Dallas

"When my husband and I toured SCMS, it was not because we were unhappy with our daughter's daycare facility.  In fact, her...daycare...was demolished as part of the renovation of a downtown church.  This made any transition to any new place hard...We thought long and hard about what might be most helpful to our daughter and can truly say SCMS came into our lives at a wonderful time: from the hands-on director, Becky Meyerson, down to each and every person on staff at SMCS, this small program has enriched all three of our lives to unimaginable depths.  They approach each and every day with professionalism, zest and sincerity - which is hard to find at a competetive tuition rate.  It is a blessing and a treasure to watch our daughter enjoy her "new school".  She loves not only Montessori method, but she eagerly shares new songs, prayers and teachings learned through Godly Play.  Her manners, enthusiasm for learning and appreciation for so many worldly concepts grow each day.  We are so thankful to have found this well-run, effective and loving program for our daughter.  I could not think of a more nurturing yet appropriately challenging program for young hearts and minds." - Corrie and Todd Strosnider, Casa Linda/East Dallas