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10 Gorgeous Free Printables to Get You Organized

Kids Activities Blog 8/26 1:00P Liz
Getting organized can be a chore. Sometimes it just feels overwhelming and you aren t sure where to start. Well, I think of the best ways to begin is with a home management binder and these free...

15 Back to School Lunch Ideas

Kids Activities Blog 8/26 12:37P Chris
Have your kiddos already started school? Or maybe they are getting ready to go back to school next week! Either way, you are probably looking for a variety of lunch ideas. Here s a look at 15 Back to...

Is Virtual Education Right for Your Kids?

North Texas Kids 8/26 1:34A NTKids
How to Determine if Virtual Education is the Right Choice for Your Kids Parents have never had more options for educating their children than they do right now. There is a certain amount of relief...

5 Comfort Foods Made in a Bag

Kids Activities Blog 8/26 1:00A Chris
Isn t it funny how we all have a fascination with foods made on a stick, or in one pan or even in a bag! Today on Family Food Live with Holly & Chris, we will share 5 Comfort Foods Made in a Bag! Join...

Mud-Like Coffee PlayDough

Kids Activities Blog 8/25 1:00P Rachel
While we LOVE mud and LOVE playing outside , this is just not the time of year for outdoor play (well, after 8:30 in the morning. Our neighbors must love us).   So we decided to bring our love of mud...

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Veggie Stir Fry Meal Kit by Ree

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Cooking 8/22 2:37A Ree
You might remember the Veggie Stir Fry I posted some time ago. It s simple, so flavorful, and very fast! It also happens to be a great meal kit to throw together; if you have it all assembled in the...

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DIY Beauty Recipes Perfect for Gift Giving

Jens RAQ 8/27 2:10P Jenn Land
Is it just me, or does fall and winter serve as inspiration to make all sorts of homemade goodies?  These recipes are absolutely wonderful.  They would make easy holiday gifts...

Hammer the Alphabet! Preschool Alphabet Activity

Frugal Fun For Boys 8/26 5:50P Sarah
Learning letters is easy with a preschool alphabet activity that kids are sure to love!  Jonathan enjoyed this immensely and worked on it three days in a row.  (And he ll...

Can Do Cubes Review

Jens RAQ 8/26 8:35A Jenn Land
In our homeschool, we use a lot of supplemental resources and activities to help my kids really get the concepts they ve been taught. A few weeks ago, just2ducks LLC sent us a...

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Staying Organized thanks to HP Instant Ink

My Crazy Savings 8/25 6:30A Courtney Solstad
We are in full swing of back to school as the girls started back this week! I ve been getting emails, they ve been coming home with projects and assignments, and have been...

Finding Balance after Adoption

My Crazy Savings 8/22 6:02A Courtney Solstad
Here we are almost 9 months in and I am STILL trying to find balance in my life! We are always moving forward and on the go, but always feeling a little frazzle-dazzled! We...

Solving the Bible Story Family Growth problem

My Crazy Savings 8/17 9:55A Courtney Solstad
For some time I have felt a calling (so to speak) to make sure my kids are being intentionally fed spiritually. The idealist in my would have us carve out an hours every night...

Walmart: Savings on Chef Boyardee

My Crazy Savings 8/16 2:32A Courtney Solstad
This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SaveOnChef #CollectiveBias With the back to school season...

The Importance of Positive Adoption Language

My Crazy Savings 8/15 11:55A Courtney Solstad
Adoption has been around for a long time, however the circumstances and ways that families can adopt have changed a lot. If you research the history of adoption, you will find...

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First Day.

The Wiegands 8/24 7:15A CaseyWiegand
There are visual reminders of them everywhere. I mean it's just school, I realize that- but I miss them desperately. Drawings taped by my desk, little toys in piles, their shoes slumped by the back...

My Two Podcasts

Rob Carmack Words 8/23 4:46P Rob Carmack
Hey there, readers! I am currently working on some new content for the blog that I plan to start rolling out in the next couple of weeks. That said, I've been VERY busy in the...

It’s Not Fair :: Melanie Dale {Ep 130}

God Centered Mom 8/21 7:35P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Cootie Catchers. M.A.S.H. games. Choose your own adventures. Most of us remember these silly junior high games. Sitting with girlfriends dreaming up our future lives. Of course, marriage and kids were...

Apple is Four!

The Wiegands 8/21 2:27A CaseyWiegand
My sweet precious Appie, happy birthday baby! I cannot wait to celebrate this sweet baby girl. Yesterday we had her party and today we will celebrate her all day long.... We have the cake made, the...


The Wiegands 8/19 3:58P CaseyWiegand
pajamas found here

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TX Pinners Conference

Crafty Texas Girls 8/23 10:30P Samantha Conner
I am always looking for something fun to do my girl friends- a special event or activity that gives a great excuse for a Girls Outing. A movie premier, a birthday dinner, shopping. I love getting time...

Back to School Feast

Crafty Texas Girls 8/21 11:50A Samantha Conner
So I mentioned that there were a few things that I really wanted to do before my girls went back to school. ( See this post for all 5 ideas ). And I am excited to say that I got one of the big ones...
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Happy First Day of School

Crafty Texas Girls 8/15 10:30P Samantha Conner
Some people have already headed back to school, others aren t going back until after Labor Day. And here in Texas, we start on August 22nd. Which means we have less than a week. Eeek! Our summer has...

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Friday Finds: Kids Lunch Boxes

Rage Against the Minivan 8/26 3:00P (lunareece)
1. Fit & Fresh Bento Lunch Box Kit with Reusable Ice Packs | Target 2. Classmate Printed Soft Sided Lunch Box | Land's End 3. Spencer Bento Box Containers | Pottery Barn Kids 4. LOL Lunchtime Notes...

The Inside Scoop on the Back-to-School Situation

Mommy Shorts 8/26 10:45A Allie Isnardi
It s back-to-school season, and while half the country unlocked their schools a month ago and the other half still has two glorious/excruciating weeks left of summer, parents everywhere are united in...

35 Kids with Superpowers No Parent Wants to Contend With

Mommy Shorts 8/26 6:41A Mommy Shorts
Photo Contest: $750 Target Gift Card + Olly Nutrition I ve been collecting Super Kid photos for over a month now and I m ready to introduce you to the Littlest League of Superheroes. These kids might...

A Few Things

Design Mom 8/26 3:28A Design Mom
Photo and text by Gabrielle. Hello, Friends! How are you? How was your week? I think our whole household is feeling pretty accomplished that we made it to Friday on our first week back to school. I...

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