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Self-Sealing Water Balloons: Are They Worth The Cost?

Kids Activities Blog 6/25 4:00A Brittanie
Summer is here and the cool new thing is to have water balloons that self-seal. I mean, what parent doesn t want this genius invention that will fill and tie 100 balloons in under a minute? For me, it...

5 Tips for the Best Family Road Trip

Kids Activities Blog 6/24 9:50A Holly
I am excited to partner with Band-Aid and Neosporin on this post. We are four days away from hopping in the car for our summer road trip.  My family is no stranger to road trips.  We travel at least 3...

Printable Summer Activity Sheets

Kids Activities Blog 6/24 9:00A Andreja
Summer is here! Your kids will enjoy these fun printable summer activity sheets ! Activity books are a great boredom busters that you can just print whenever you need them. Free Printable Summer...

16 Awesome Tie Dye Projects for Summer

Kids Activities Blog 6/24 4:00A Arena
Summer is the perfect time for tons of tie dye projects . From bright, colorful shirts to super fun artwork, it s so much fun to get outside and create something fun! Awesome Tie Dye Projects for...

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Culinary Canvas: Lavender Cookies

Dallas Museum of Art Education Blog 6/22 6:49A Sarah Coffey
Lavender is a plant prized for its healing properties , pleasant fragrance, and particularly in France its unique flavor. Fragrant purple fields of these flowers can be found across the south of...

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Jalapeno Hush Puppies

Jennifer Cooks 6/25 3:18A Jennifer
A few days ago I posted my Cajun Fried Catfish , and nothing goes better with fried fish than Hush Puppies.  But I couldn t make just regular hush puppies, I had to make Jalapeño Hush Puppies (you...

Broccoli Salad

Jennifer Cooks 6/24 2:46A Jennifer
Have you ever had Broccoli Salad? If not, then you re in for a treat!  This is also my husband s favorite salad, he just loves it! I usually make extra so that he has plenty to snack on whenever he...

Cajun Fried Catfish

Jennifer Cooks 6/22 3:02A Jennifer
Happy Birthday to my mom and her twin sister Janice! I won t say how old they are, but I will say they sure don t look it! It s just ridiculous I get asked if my mom is my sister most of the time! I...

Salmon Florentine

Jennifer Cooks 6/20 5:50A Jennifer
Remember that Creamed Spinach I posted a while back? Well, I put that recipe to work again with this Salmon Florentine. This is a very simple recipe for baked salmon that gives you another way to...

Video: Peach Dumplings by Ree

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Cooking 6/17 3:07A Ree
I posted this recipe for Peach Dumplings earlier this year, and I thought it would make a fun, simple recipe for my next video. They re a play on the old Apple Dumplings we all know and love (the ones...

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Super Easy Remote Control Hack

Jens RAQ 6/25 8:07A Jenn Land
When we first moved into our house, I wanted to make sure that we kept our electronics as safe as possible.  The first thing I did was secure our remotes with this super easy...

Free Finding Dory PRINTABLE Games

Jens RAQ 6/24 5:52P Jenn Land
Are your kids PSYCHED about the new Finding Dory movie?  Download and enjoy these free printables!  The following PDF contains 3 different games.  You will find a single page...

Create a Beautiful Rock Garden

7 on a Shoestring 6/24 4:00A Staci Salazar
Whether you are looking for something fun and different to do with the kids — or just want to get outside — a rock garden may just be the thing for you! It s great for...

Hotel Review: Royal St. Charles in New Orleans

Mommy's Minivan Monologues 6/24 3:40A MommysMinivanMonologues
Ever since my girls saw the Disney movie Princess and the Frog set in old New Orleans, they ve been wishing to visit the Big Easy. I’m not sure if they were more fascinated with the animated film’s...

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Life is too short to live in Pain. Why I love LivRelief!

My Crazy Savings 6/23 5:56P Courtney Solstad
This post is sponsored by LivRelief. #TryLivRelief Having this sweet little BIG guy in the house has added some stress to my back muscles. I try to not walk around the house...

Baseball Themed Adoption Finalization Celebration!

My Crazy Savings 6/20 7:26A Courtney Solstad
We officially finalized our adoption this month and were very excited to celebrate having that all behind us. I searched and searched for themes and came up with only ONE! How...

Boppy Baby Chair review

My Crazy Savings 6/20 4:55A Courtney Solstad
So my little guy is CHUNKY! His thighs are very thick! Because of this, we have a hard time finding chairs to sit him in where his legs do not get squished or pinched....

42nd Street is coming to Dallas Summer Musicals

My Crazy Savings 6/20 4:33A Courtney Solstad
Dallas Summer musicals has another great show coming soon! Dallas Summer Musicals and Performing Arts Fort Worth are excited to co-present the musical comedy classic 42nd...

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The Wiegands 6/22 11:58A CaseyWiegand
I love this man. We are different people than we were 11 years ago when we met. Goodness such different people. We celebrated 9 years of marriage this week and then celebrated what a precious daddy he...

Yoga Up Kids!

The Wiegands 6/20 1:44P CaseyWiegand
A few weeks ago we all went out to Yoga Up and had the time of our life- seriously the kids did NOT want to leave!!! I wasn't sure what to expect going in but after our amazing experience here, I...

Read-Aloud Revival :: Sarah Mackenzie {Ep 125}

God Centered Mom 6/19 8:15P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Maybe you ve heard you should read-aloud to your preschoolers, but do you know the benefits of reading aloud to your competent readers? Educators and communication experts have discovered that:...

29 weeks.

The Wiegands 6/15 4:41P CaseyWiegand
dress c/o: FillyBoo Maternity

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Pool Party Cupcakes

Crafty Texas Girls 6/22 10:30P Samantha Conner
Got a pool party on your calendar? Then you need to make these! It s always fun to be the person who brings the cute Pinterest-y dessert to a party. These Pool Party Cupcakes will delight the kids--...

Father's Day Photo Gift

Crafty Texas Girls 6/15 10:30P Samantha Conner
Every year, my girls like to make a photo gift for Father s Day. It started awhile back, when we got creative and made a chalk photo for my husband. Since then, we have continued the tradition. And...

How to Wear Pink

Crafty Texas Girls 6/12 10:30P Samantha Conner
Pink is now my favorite color. All shades of pink- from rose gold, to hot pink, to fuchsia, and even a pale cotton candy pink. It can be feminine, flirty, classic, and fun. A hint of pink is warm,...

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Friday Finds

Rage Against the Minivan 6/24 3:00P (lunareece)
1. Yoga Cards for Joyful Learning | Yogi 2. Nail Sticker Trading Cards for Girls | Tiki Cards 3. Teaching Kids To Bake | Happiest Little Baker 4. Adorable Little Hair Clip Set | Ally + B 5. RoseArt |...

What I want you to know about making amends with my abuser

Rage Against the Minivan 6/24 3:00A (Kristen How
What I Want You to Know is a series of reader submissions. It is an attempt to allow people to tell their personal stories, in the hopes of bringing greater compassion to the unique issues each of us...

A Few Things

Design Mom 6/24 12:46A Design Mom
Photo and text by Gabrielle. Hello, Friends. Happy Friday! How are you? Did you have a good week? Mine has absolutely flown by. It always does when I m in a happy place with my family. We re just so...

Eat Well: Blue La La

Girls Gone Child 6/23 3:16P (GIRL'S GONE
The following post was written by my mom, WWW. Thanks, Mom! If it seems like I’ve been MIA it’s because I have been. My son, David and his wife, Alyssa recently moved to Portland, Oregon, and between...

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