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The Well-Lopsided Series [Part Three] :: A God-Listening Heart

God Centered Mom 12/17 6:55P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
We come as we are, but we don t stay as we are. (Priscilla Shirer) God never requires us to fix ourselves up before coming to Him. His grace covers the pain, shame, guilt, sin, disasters that we bring...

The Well-Lopsided Series [Part Two] :: Soul Control

God Centered Mom 12/10 6:07P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
The great spiritual war is fought on the turf of your heart and it s fought for control of your soul. Paul David Tripp. That battle, my friends, is why living a well-lopsided life is not as simple in...

The Well-Lopsided Series [Part One] :: Mushy Middle

God Centered Mom 12/3 6:37P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Have you ever wondered what soul care and brokenness and wholehearted mean? Have you felt like you should read the Bible and pray but don t quite understand why it matters? Has your...

on to the next chapter.

The Wiegands 11/28 6:26P CaseyWiegand
The home that we are leaving holds so much redemption for us. Its walls are filled with a flood of change that washed over us when we had almost nothing left. It represents a simple, shaking "yes" to...

Empowering Refugee Women :: Stephanie Giddens [Ep 187]

God Centered Mom 11/26 6:03P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
It’s a painful when our dreams fall apart. Stephanie Giddens shares how although her family’s dream to move to Africa didn’t work out, God gave her an even bigger dream for the refugee community in...

The Grinch!

The Wiegands 11/20 11:21A CaseyWiegand
I am completely in love with the magic of Christmas and am sooooo excited to surprise our kiddos with tickets to go see the Grinch, they are going to flip! Dr. Seuss' beloved holiday tale, How the...

Unashamed Parenting :: Tracy Levinson [Ep 186]

God Centered Mom 11/19 6:53P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Appropriately advocating for our children is one of the most important roles we can play in parenting. Tracy Levinson walks us through her faith story and shares how she unashamedly advocated for her...

Behind the Chewbacca Mask :: Candace Payne [Ep 184]

God Centered Mom 11/5 6:32P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Remember THAT viral video? You know, the one where the mom wears the Chewbacca mask? Her contagious laugh was heard all over the interwebs. Today my friend and vodcast host, Kay Wyma, and I are...

close knit.

The Wiegands 11/3 4:29P CaseyWiegand
Honored to be over on the Anthropologie blog today with some other sweet mamas that I love! Check it out here !

How the Gospel Pulls Us :: Travis (Thi’sl) Tyler [Ep 183]

God Centered Mom 10/29 6:57P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Born four days apart in 1977, Travis (aka Thi sl ) and I didn t choose where or to whom we were born. But God did. And He placed us in very different homes and stories. Yet the gospel intersected both...


The Wiegands 10/18 4:15P CaseyWiegand
Having a baby is a transformative time, and it can make you take another look at the products you’re bringing into your home. Knowing how to safely use essential oils for infants is important for you...

Thinking Differently about Sabbath :: Shelly Miller [Ep 181]

God Centered Mom 10/15 6:17P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
You may know you “should” keep the Sabbath. And perhaps you then get stuck on “how”. Hopefully this episode will remove the shameful burden of should and shift the question from “how” to “who”. Shelly...
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