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My Heart.

The Wiegands 8/16 6:43P CaseyWiegand
The way she perfectly fits there, be still my heart... School starts in a week and I already feel homesick for them. As I tucked them into bed tonight I told them I felt homesick thinking...

Rescuing the Girl in You :: Chrystal Evans Hurst [Ep 172]

God Centered Mom 8/13 7:39P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Join me for some real talk with Chrystal Evans Hurst where she shares her story of pressing through hard times, admitting when she needed God to rescue her and reclaiming dreams she had as a kid....

Clean Eating.

The Wiegands 8/12 12:20P CaseyWiegand
Okay, I posted on instagram about our journey recently with “cleaner eating” and had NO idea what a huge response I would get, it was SO encouraging to have so many beautiful accounts to follow and...

Party Day, My little Peach

The Wiegands 8/10 7:01P CaseyWiegand
What a gift. All those sweet little moments. With this sweet last babe I have tried to hold onto every last one. It was her day, her party day. She smashed cake, she laughed at her brother and...

Summer of Mentorship [Week Six] :: Grammie (Doris Howard)

God Centered Mom 8/6 7:04P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Everyone calls her Grammie. Enough said. You know you re gonna learn a lot from an 80-year-old, follower of Jesus, named Doris who goes by Grammie. Such a great way to end the Summer of Mentorship...


The Wiegands 8/1 1:03P CaseyWiegand
Be Still My Heart. Tomorrow she is One. Get ready for an overload of photos and a flood of thoughts and emotions. A baby that was so longed for, so ached for..... and every moment of these twelve...

Summer of Mentorship [Week Five] :: Lisa Appelo

God Centered Mom 7/30 7:01P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
When I go to bed my next day is planned trusting the sun will rise, as it does every morning. Without conscious thought I believe in it s faithful presence. Because of this rhythm of life (and others...

Summer of Mentorship [Week Four] :: Susan Seay

God Centered Mom 7/23 7:10P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
You see her speaking in a sweet singing voice to her children. Or her perfectly decorated, should-be-in-a-magazine, home. Or her children in matching holiday attire, hands to themselves and smiling...

Summer of Mentorship [Week Three] :: Jeannie Cunnion

God Centered Mom 7/16 7:47P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
You and I want to be good moms sooooo badly. And yet, the desire to be good and perfect frequently sabotages our goal. We know we should show ourselves, and our kids, grace. Yet, we struggle to...

Summer of Mentorship [Week Two] :: Bonni Greiner

God Centered Mom 7/9 7:27P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Wouldn t it be nice to have a parenting manual? A plan you could follow with an outcome of awesome adult children AND no regrets about how you raised them? Well, in my opinion, today s guest, Bonni...

4th of July.

The Wiegands 7/8 2:03A CaseyWiegand
I stood at the parade with Adelaide pressed close.... every time a honk or siren or band would pass I would bounce and shush and sing to keep her asleep. Trying to let my voice overpower the craziness...

Summer of Mentorship [Week One] :: Vickie Kraft

God Centered Mom 7/2 7:51P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
What a slam dunk way to start off the Summer of Mentorship! In May of 2015, author, speaker & mentor, Vickie Kraft, invited me into her home to record this conversation.  Vickie was the first women s minister at our church and has mentored many of...


The Wiegands 6/30 10:45A CaseyWiegand
June was one trip after the next...Lost Pines then Utah then Florida and it was an absolute blast. Florida was literally my dream vacation! Being with my sweet people in a house on the beach in...

Motherhood, Career, & Identity :: Kat Armstrong [Ep 171]

God Centered Mom 6/25 7:50P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Balancing motherhood, career and identity through various seasons in our life may be one of the biggest challenges we face as women. This week s podcast guest,  Kat Armstrong , guides us through a...
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