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8 Tips on How to Prepare Your Child for an Audition

North Texas Kids 10/17 6:36A NTKids
Preparing Your Child For An Audition Every talented musician, dancer, and actor had to start somewhere, and by booking your first audition, you’ve already taken the first step toward cultivating your...

How to Make Halloween Healthier for Your Family

North Texas Kids 10/17 5:48A NTKids
How to Make Halloween Healthier for You and Your Children The candy in an average trick-or-treat bag can contain as much as 7,000 calories and all that candy can lead to tooth decay and a lot of extra...

Holiday Wonder Brings Sparkle to Fair Park this Season

North Texas Kids 10/16 7:10A NTKids
Holiday Wonder Brings Sparkle to the Season in Fair Park Nov. 21 – Jan. 7 Magical lanterns. Lifetime of Memories. Family-friendly event illuminates holiday season with artistic wonderland creations,...

21 Halloween Traditions to Make October Spooktacular!

North Texas Kids 10/15 5:12A NTKids
Halloween Traditions to Enjoy with the Family by Jessica Baldis October is a great time to get the family together and have some Halloween fun. Take a look at some of the Halloween traditions to enjoy...

Why Can’t My Child Read?

North Texas Kids 10/10 2:30A NTKids
How to Help Your Struggling Reader One of the most basic benchmarks in your child’s academic development is learning to read. And reading is the skill that opens the doors to all other learning. So...

Victory Volleyball Club

North Texas Kids 10/9 10:02A NTKids
Incorporating Faith into Learning Sports Skills Victory Volleyball Club is a multi-denominational, Christian-based, non-profit sports organization established in 1998 that provides quality coaching in...

FREE Halloween Printables

North Texas Kids 10/9 2:10A NTKids
Free Halloween Printables If you re looking for free Halloween printables to make labels, tags, cupcake toppers, party invites, you ll love the free printables offered on many websites. You ll also...

Halloween Recipes for Kids with Braces

North Texas Kids 10/6 3:00A NTKids
With Halloween just around the corner, kids with braces will be tempted to chew on sticky candy that could tear off brackets and delay treatment. But parents, don t fear! For those of you hosting...

9 Ways to Get Kids Outdoors

North Texas Kids 10/5 2:38A NTKids
Ideas for Outdoor Fun for the Whole Family These days, unless we push ourselves, it is a difficult task even for most adults to get outside and get exercise and fresh air. As for being an example to...

Printable Halloween Bingo

Kids Activities Blog 10/4 12:57P Brittany Kelly
We are so ready to celebrate fall so today we are partnering with Nestle to create this fun  printable Halloween bingo  game   and prize buckets using their new Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups Skulls...

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

North Texas Kids 10/4 6:10A NTKids
Tips for Halloween Pet Safety Halloween is almost here and that means ghosts, goblins and lots of situations that could be harmful to our furry friends. From Halloween decorations to...

Old Fashioned Halloween Popcorn Balls

North Texas Kids 10/4 3:30A NTKids
Halloween Treats: Old Fashioned Popcorn Balls The signs of fall are upon us, even if the weather hasn’t caught up yet. High school football games, Homecoming parades, store shelves bursting with candy...
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