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Friday Finds

Rage Against the Minivan 6/23 3:00P (lunareece)
1. Foiled Llama Stemless Wine Glass Set | Urban Outfitters 2. Metal, Gold, & Leather Bar Cart | Target 3. W&P Design Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker | Urban Outfitters 4. Mid-Century Bar Cart | West Elm 5....

A Few Things

Design Mom 6/23 1:03P Design Mom
Hello, Friends. How are you? Did you have a good week? According to Facebook, it looks like my East Coast friends are (finally) enjoying their last day of school today. We ve been out of school for a...

Anthropologie SUMMER TAG SALE

Design Mom 6/23 9:26A Audrey Moore
The heat wave is still in full force. Who s ready soak up the sun this weekend? Maybe hit the beach or the lake? If you need something summery to wear, here s a head s up that Anthropologie is having...

11 Things You Need to Join My At-Home Summer Work Out Series

Mommy Shorts 6/23 9:07A Allie Isnardi
For the past eight weeks, Allie and I have been working out three days a week (one hour per session) with Jennifer Nyp at Zen Girl Fitness , a pilates and personal training studio in SOHO. This has...

Harlow Teaches Me How to Make a Bowl of Cereal

Mommy Shorts 6/23 8:02A Allie Isnardi
If you don’t already know, “a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with milk” has replaced Harlow’s waffle obsession. She asks for it every single morning, in those words exactly. If I were to say, “Harlow, do...

Little Girl Belts “How Far I’ll Go” at School Concert

Mommy Shorts 6/23 6:50A Allie Isnardi
Most kids love attention, but usually in the form of endless living room dance recitals or enthusiastic responses to their screams across the pool to Watch this, Mom! Not every kid loves to get...

How Becoming A Mother Made Me Hate My Dog

Pregnant Chicken 6/23 4:27A Mia Carrella
Before I had children, my dog was my baby. I missed her when I was out. We had a cuddle on the couch ... The post How Becoming A Mother Made Me Hate My Dog appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

Britax Recalls 200,000 B-Safe Carseats Over Faulty Chest Clip

Pregnant Chicken 6/22 9:52A Emily Ramirez
Britax recalls over 200,000 chest clips in their B-Safe 35 line, due to reports of the clips breaking. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration... The post Britax Recalls 200,000 B-Safe Carseats Over Faulty Chest Clip appeared first on...

Risking Jail Time for your Kids

Mommy Shorts 6/22 7:47A Mommy Shorts
This post is in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures. A new movie starring Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell is coming out on June 30th called The House , about a couple who can t imagine telling their...

Wednesday's Child: Evan

Rage Against the Minivan 6/21 9:00A (lunareece)
Every Wednesday I feature a child recently highlighted by a local Wednesday's Child newscast to share the stories of children from around the country who are waiting for a family. My hope is that this can broaden exposure for the children...

The Latest Baby Sleep Study and What it Means

Pregnant Chicken 6/21 6:29A Emily Ramirez
Hold on to your sleep deprived butts. A new study has been released making it even more difficult to know what in the holy... The post The Latest Baby Sleep Study and What it Means appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

My Cup Runneth Over by Ree

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond 6/21 5:42A Ree
Marlboro Man had to work cattle this morning, so I decided to tag along, take photos, enjoy the morning air, and not put on makeup. Of course, I didn t put makeup on yesterday. I don t think I did...
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