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Mazzy and Harlow Meet the Real Santa

Mommy Shorts 12/18 3:10A Mommy Shorts
Every year, leading up to Christmas, Mazzy, Harlow and I make the great trek up to the North Pole (aka take the subway to Macy s) to visit Santa. Even though we are Jewish, visiting Santa is something...

I Have Lots to Say This Morning by The Pioneer Woman

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond 12/18 2:09A The Pioneer Woman
The Boarding House is coming along! I hadn t seen it in a couple of weeks, so Marlboro Man showed me around late Saturday so I could snap some photos. The wood floor is down on the third floor! I...

Friday Finds

Rage Against the Minivan 12/15 2:00P (lunareece)
1. Mathca Bowl & Tea Gift Set | World Market 2. Copper Oil & Vinegar Set | West Elm 3. Charmed Hoop Earring Set | Urban Outfitters 4. Perfectly Paired Mug Gift Set | Anthropologie 5. Vintage Vogue...

When Does Morning Sickness Start?

Pregnant Chicken 12/15 7:37A Amy Morrison
Ah, morning sickness. That special little treat that often comes with pregnancy. You may be wondering when morning sickness will start once you ve seen... The post When Does Morning Sickness Start? appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

A Few Things

Design Mom 12/15 6:00A Design Mom
Hello, Friends. How are you? Are you looking forward to the weekend? We have some fun stuff on our schedule. Olive is in a play at her high school tonight, we have two holiday parties to attend, and...

The Mental Load is Sucking the Magic Out of the Holidays

Pregnant Chicken 12/14 10:00A Emily Ramirez
I am decidedly not a holiday person. Or at least, not in the Hallmark sense. The Elf never made it off our closet shelf.... The post The Mental Load is Sucking the Magic Out of the Holidays appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

37 of the Funniest Family Holiday Photos Gone Wrong

Mommy Shorts 12/14 9:26A Annie Nichtern
It’s that time of the year again! No, not the fun part when you get to watch your kids open gifts while sipping hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music. It s holiday photo shoot time! The time...

The Very Best Gift Guide for People You Sort-of Know

Design Mom 12/14 5:40A Audrey Moore
When I asked about your thoughts on gift guides a few weeks ago, there were several requests for miscellaneous categories — co-worker gifts, neighbor gifts, teacher or coach gifts, white elephant and...

Wednesday's Child: Tobias

Rage Against the Minivan 12/13 8:00A (lunareece)
Every Wednesday I feature a child recently highlighted by a local Wednesday's Child newscast to share the stories of children from around the country who are waiting for a family. My hope is that this can broaden exposure for the children...

Random Thoughts

Design Mom 12/13 6:36A Design Mom
What an unusual December this has been. How is everyone doing? I just wanted to check in. I feel a bit disconnected and would love to hear what s on your mind this week. Here s some of the random...

I Don’t Want My Body Back – I Want ‘Me’ Back

Pregnant Chicken 12/13 6:27A Hillary
I am newly postpartum, not quite awake, standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, shush-shushing a 4-litre jug of milk and rocking... The post I Don t Want My Body Back I Want Me Back appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .
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