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Making my house smell Spring Fresh

My Crazy Savings 4/29 5:18A Courtney Solstad
I have to admit something to you! My family is stinky! From the shoe bin to the diaper pail there are some odors in our home that I wish did not exist. I can t completely eliminate them but I can mask them with my favorite AirWick scents! I love...

Shopping Amazon via Groupon Coupons

My Crazy Savings 4/29 4:24A Courtney Solstad
I am obsessed with Amazon! I feel like I can snag everything I need there and it ships for free (because I have Prime!)! It has saved me MANY trips to the store and I love that I can hop on day or night and order. (I am the type of person who...

May kicks off National Burger Month (+Frozen Freebie!)

My Crazy Savings 4/28 4:34A Courtney Solstad
My kiddos LOVE burgers and ask for them at least once a week! Thankfully in May, PDQ North Texas is kicking off National Burger Month with a yummy freebie! When ordering a burger combo meal, guests will receive a free shake! The PDQ North Texas...

Unfinished work…

My Crazy Savings 4/26 6:32A Courtney Solstad
There is so much unfinished in my house. My laundry is always unfinished. It s a full time job to keep those baskets empty and just when I empty the last one, I go upstairs to find MORE laundry in the kids rooms! It truly is always unfinished and...

Water Fun with Water Wubble

My Crazy Savings 4/24 4:53P Courtney Solstad
I am beyond excited to partner with Wubble Bubble on this fun post! All opinions are mine and are honest. My kids love water play and with summer just around the corner, I am excited to have Water Wubble on hand for hours and hours of play! I don...

Plan and Play at a Picture Parties event near you

My Crazy Savings 4/18 8:40A Courtney Solstad
I absolutely love having my kids photos taken. I love ordering large prints to hang in my home. They bring me so much joy! The process isn t always easy to get them to smile and focus on the camera but it s not impossible! I was recently...

Thoughts while getting a Massage!

My Crazy Savings 4/18 7:49A Courtney Solstad
I have partnered with Spa810 for a series of posts about their awesome services. All opinions are mine and are honest! After a very busy weekend of travel and running around, I was thankful to have a massage scheduled for Monday morning! My back... +Spirits: Family fun eats in Downtown Frisco

My Crazy Savings 4/17 10:56A Courtney Solstad
If you are looking to shake things up a little, then you might want to try Nerdvana in downtown Frisco. We checked it out last week and the kids are SOLD on the fun to be had at that restaurant. This is not your typical restaurant and you know...

Tangled Before Ever After Now available on DVD

My Crazy Savings 4/15 8:43A Courtney Solstad
Tangled, Before Ever After is a great movie for those who might be curious on what happens to Repunzel after the first movie ends! This movie is full of adventure and will keep you on the edge of your seat! First, it shows how Repunzel prepared...

Extra Ways to make Money

My Crazy Savings 4/14 6:04P Courtney Solstad
Are you looking to make extra money this summer! Here is a guest post with a few ideas that might hep you out! Not everyone wants to be a taxi driver or walk dogs for extra cash to fund a summer holiday. Some people want to work from home, and...

Monster Trucks Blu-Ray now available

My Crazy Savings 4/11 8:26A Courtney Solstad
Monster Trucks is now available on DVD and Blu-ray! I love that my girls wanted to watch this one and we saw it at a drive in movie! This movie is NOT just for BOYS! In Monster Trucks you will find many turning points that keep you on the edge of...

Teaching Kids about Money (+ free ebook)

My Crazy Savings 4/7 2:39P Courtney Solstad
Ally, a leading provider of digital financial services, has launched a new children’s book that uses a fun and futuristic storyline to teach money skills and concepts to kids ages 6-10. The book, called “Planet Zeee and the Money Tree,” that...

Easter Brunch at Hilton Anatole (+ giveaway)

My Crazy Savings 4/7 12:26P Courtney Solstad
One of my favorite hotels is at it again with a family fun event! The Hilton Anatole is hosting an Easter brunch! Here are the details! Hilton Anatole will be hosting an Easter brunch buffet on April 16.  The family friendly event will feature an...

Babies First Easter Egg Hunt

My Crazy Savings 4/7 11:55A Courtney Solstad
My childhood memories around Easter were filled with Egg hunting, lots of candy and getting all dressed up. I want to create lasting memories with my kiddos too and since this is Nathan s first egg hunt, I thought it would be fun to get some eggs...

Personalized Birthday gift idea (+ Savings)

My Crazy Savings 4/7 10:35A Courtney Solstad
I love it when my kids receive thoughtful gifts! Recently while scrolling through Facebook, I saw something that I LOVED! I reached out to the company and they sent me a sample of their awesome personalized prints! I absolutely love celebrating...
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