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Top Stories:   ➊25 Sweet Valentine’s Day Treats (Tuesday),   ➋10 Things Good Moms Do (Sunday),   ➌My Child Will Pee, But Not Poop on the Potty (Saturday),   ➍3 Ingredient Peach Crisp (Sunday),   ➎18 Effective Ways To Organize With Mason Jars (Wednesday)

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Mommy Manders Camps 2016

Mommy Manders Blog 2/8 8:19A Mommy Manders
Back by popular demand for the 5th summer in a row, ANNOUNCING June “Mommy Manders” CAMPS: Ages 3-7, Tues-Thurs, 9am-1pm, $120 Includes snack, crafts, family talking points, CD, and more! Highlands...

Truffula Tree Paper Plate Craft

Kids Activities Blog 2/8 8:00A Melissa
We made a  Truffula Tree paper plate craft  after watching  The Lorax . My son loves the pretty trees in the book. This easy craft would be perfect for a Dr. Seuss party ! Truffula Tree Paper Plate...

Mozzarella Cheese Bites

Kids Activities Blog 2/8 6:00A Kristin Downey
Mozzarella Cheese Bites are the perfect snack for little hands (or big hands)! This week when I made lasagna, I had a bunch of mozzarella cheese left over.  My kids love it when I use the left over...

Make 2016 The Year of Family Fitness

Kids Activities Blog 2/8 12:50A Holly
Each new year brings resolutions of losing weight, getting organized and eating better.  Each year as an individual, I have various levels of success in each category! But this year, 2016 is a little...

Printable Valentine’s Day Word Search

Kids Activities Blog 2/8 12:00A Quirky Momma
How about a  printable Valentine s Day word search  for a fun activity? I loved doing word searches growing up. You could even make miniature versions of this to hand out as valentine cards for school...

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Friday Photos: Intern-errific

Dallas Museum of Art Education Blog 2/5 4:28A Sarah Coffey
This year s McDermott Interns have already made quite the impact on us here at the DMA: from leading myriad programs for every type of visitor, to contributing to varied exhibitions, to researching...

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Beef Stroganoff by Ree

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Cooking 2/8 1:04A Ree
It always cracks me up that Beef Stroganoff is a popular comfort food in America, considering Beef Stroganoff is a Russian dish. But you won t catch me talking about politics here on The Pioneer Woman...

Fried Calamari

Jennifer Cooks 2/3 9:02P Jennifer
Let’s just get the elephant out of the room, shall we?  A majority of people have eaten calamari at least once in their lives, and they either had a good experience or a bad one. I mean, there’s good...

Super Bowl Dip Recipes

BubbleLife Recipe Box 2/3 4:20A Saffie Farris
Dianes Hot Corn Dip Submitted by Diane Webber Ingredients: 2-15 ounce cans whole kernel corn, drained 1-15 ounce can of artichoke hearts, chopped and drained 7 ounce can...

Roasted Corn Dip by Ree

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Cooking 2/3 2:57A Ree
Why is Super Bowl week so thrilling? It seriously feels like Christmas is coming. There s the big game, of course, with all its excitement and competition and family arguments over which team is best....

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How to Stay Healthy through the Winter Months

Days of a Domestic Dad 2/8 1:00A Colby
How to Stay Healthy through the Winter Months Along with all the festivities of winter, illnesses such as colds and the flu can make their appearance as well. No one wants to...

Ideas for a Cozy Valentine’s Day

7 on a Shoestring 2/8 1:00A Staci Salazar
Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? If I can be honest, I don’t get wrapped up in the commercial side of the holiday. Colby can buy me “gifts” any day of the year. But, I do...

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Why my husband loves his Man Van!

My Crazy Savings 2/5 7:55A Courtney Solstad
My husband has never been a pick up guy! He does, however, love being able to move large items from time to time. We don t rent pick ups, or borrow, we simply use our van. It...

Dressing my little Sweethearts for Valentine’s Day

My Crazy Savings 2/5 7:08A Courtney Solstad
I love dressing my family up for holidays! Valentine s Day included! This year, I get to dress up a sweet little BOY!!! Children s Place has a great selection of Valentine s...

Buying a house from the Best of the Best!

My Crazy Savings 2/3 1:49A Courtney Solstad
Buying a house is a big stressor for some. Steve and I weren t even looking when we found our current home. Seriously! A neighbor down the street told us about it and we...

Finding Balance after life changes occur

My Crazy Savings 2/1 4:42A Courtney Solstad
Life is full of changes. Some changes are good and some are not. The unexpected changes tend to catch us off guard more often then not.  When my mom died in a car wreck, it...

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Preparing for Lent (2016)

Rob Carmack Words 2/8 7:16A Rob Carmack
I’m not preaching a series on Lent this year. I spent a lot of time wrestling with this, and it wasn’t a decision I came to lightly. In the past two years at Collective Church...

a new baby.

The Wiegands 2/7 1:34P CaseyWiegand
You know those moments when you can see so clearly backwards? or so clearly see God's goodness in a story? It terrifies me to share this today, I feel vulnerable and timid...yet, I have always felt...


The Wiegands 2/5 11:29A CaseyWiegand
I'm super excited to share about Persimmon Prints with you all toady! Kacie has a huge heart and, working together with Work + Shelter , donated all our swag bags for Hope Spoken this year. "Join...

Nene Shoes Giveaway.

The Wiegands 2/1 12:10P CaseyWiegand
Y'all. These shoes are the dreamiest. Not only are the shoes completely adorable but MATCHING for all of us- swoon! So well made, so stylish- we are completely smitten! We haven't taken them off since...

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21 Crafty Valentine Projects

Crafty Texas Girls 2/7 9:30P Samantha Conner
It's Valentines week! So today I am sharing a round-up of my favorite Valentine projects. Lots of ideas for parties, decor and things to give. Valentines Projects to Pin (and Try!) And... since we are...
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Galentine's Ideas: Celebrate Your Friends

Crafty Texas Girls 1/28 9:30P Samantha Conner
Have you ever heard of Galentine s? If you aren t a fan of the show Parks and Recreation - you probably have no idea what Galentine s even is. So here is the quick explanation-- Galentine s Day is...

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Left Mom/Right Dad: talking politics with Paul Martin (Ep 2)

Rage Against the Minivan 2/8 10:30A (Kristen How
My friend Paul and I have known each other for a long time. In addition to both being writers, we are also political junkies. Paul and I sit on different sides of the...

Last year we made Valentines and they turned out delightful.

Girls Gone Child 2/8 8:01A (GIRL'S GONE
The following is a repost from last year when, in the 11th hour, we decided to rock some serious DIY Valentine's Day action ... It's late. It's Thursday. Figuring out valentines with four kids has...

Creating a Bathroom Pantry

Design Mom 2/8 5:00A Design Mom
Photos and text by Gabrielle. Photos of me were shot by Maude Blair. This post is brought to you by IKEA. So I m totally into this project! I can t wait to tell you all about it. IKEA  issued the ...

What I want you to know about being a step-mother

Rage Against the Minivan 2/8 2:00A (Kristen How
What I Want You to Know is a series of reader submissions. It is an attempt to allow people to tell their personal stories, in the hopes of bringing greater compassion to the unique issues each of us...

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