Frugal Finds

Holiday Gift Idea: All-Pro Passer, Wubble Bubble,

My Crazy Savings 12/17 4:42A Courtney Solstad
My son loves sports like it s all he wants to do (besides eat!) He just turned 6 and craves constant activity! We think we have found our new go to birthday gift thanks to a fun review we got to do! (You do need to buy batteries for this gift!)...

Thankful for Walmart+

My Crazy Savings 12/8 7:15A Courtney Solstad
I am so thankful I learned about Walmart+. And just in time for the holidays. Our schedules fill up SOOO fast! I am loving two of the benefits of my Walmart+ account. The free delivery of groceries (orders $35 and up!) and free shipping online!...

7 Requirements for Good Formwork: These Are Your Options

My Crazy Savings 12/1 5:13P Courtney Solstad
Construction contractors turn to concrete for a variety of projects because they appreciate the material s outstanding properties. Nevertheless, when using concrete, they must have a mold, known as formwork, to pour the material into. This mold...

Hamilton is back at Dallas Summer Musicals Nov 16-Dec 5th.

My Crazy Savings 11/15 11:56A Courtney Solstad
The long awaited Hamilton is finally back in town!!  Grab your tickets and head the Dallas Summer Musicals Nov 16-Dec 5th. I am going this week (and taking my oldest daughter!) and I can not wait! Read more about this incredible show here! The...

Parental Supervision: 5 Playground Safety Tips

My Crazy Savings 11/10 10:08A Courtney Solstad
Keeping children from harm these days means that you have to be fully aware of the different types of threats that they face from a mental and physical perspective. Children are obviously vulnerable as a result of their age and lack of awareness,...
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