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Fun, food, and animal conservation, 16th century style

My Crazy Savings 5/5 11:07A Courtney Solstad
With everything going on in our world, my family found the 2022 Renaissance Festival to be a breath of fresh, humanitarianism, air. The whole theme of the festival is sustainability, education, and entertainment, plus the food options range from...

Save big at MorningSave Grand Opening Event

My Crazy Savings 4/27 3:42P Courtney Solstad
MorningSave is coming to Plano and their GRAND OPENING is this weekend!  They are expanding into their first-ever brick and mortar store from an already significant online presence. The store’s grand opening marks a first for MorningSave,...

Make memories with the Harlem Globetrotters World Tour

My Crazy Savings 4/8 3:43P Courtney Solstad
We now will be watching for EVERY time the Harlem Globetrotters are in town. It was SOO much fun to watch them perform. If you have never experienced their fun, then you are missing out. They not only do amazing tricks, but they are truly a fun...

Scarborough Renaissance Festival is going on NOW

My Crazy Savings 4/8 3:28P Courtney Solstad
Want to treat your family to a fun weekend? Check out Scarborough Renaissance Festival running weekends April 9 May 30, 2022, Kids 4 Under are ALWAYS free! The 41st Annual Scarborough Renaissance Festival is interactive fun for the whole family,...

Spoil Mom with a Relaxing At-home Spa Kit

My Crazy Savings 4/8 3:16P Courtney Solstad
I have been burning the candle at both ends between work and the family. It s what moms do. We go and go until our bodys tell us it s time to slow down. That is where I am finding myself anyways. When CBDLiving reached out to me about their...
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