Alcuin Welcomes Award-Winning Author and Speaker to Campus

In the Loop Kids (Features) 4/4 5:24A Alcuin School
Alcuin School, a leader in Montessori and International Baccalaureate education, recently welcomed Steph Jensen, MS, LPC, an award-winning author and international speaker to campus. Ms. Jensen is...

Modern Easter Decor

Crafty Texas Girls 4/2 10:30P Samantha Conner
I decorated for Easter today! My kids LOVE when I decorate for the holidays. I do it when they are at school and they get SO excited to come home and notice that something is different . (I am...

DIY Abstract Art (Using Tape, Paint & a Canvas)

Crafty Texas Girls 3/27 10:30P Samantha Conner
My oldest daughter just turned 11 years old. She is at such a fun age, I know that it is hard to see our kids get big . But every year with my girls is better than the last. It s amazing watching them...

Alcuin Basketball Teams Wrap Up Stellar Season

In the Loop Kids (Features) 3/8 3:31A Alcuin School
Middle School Boys and Girls Teams Win Championship Titles            Alcuin School, a leader in Montessori and International Baccalaureate® education, recently capped off its successful basketball...

DIY Pineapple Costume

Crafty Texas Girls 2/28 3:16A Samantha Conner
You know how I feel about pineapples right? Remember when my daughter went to cheer camp last summer and we created an all kinds of pineapple themed decor and treats for the girls on the team? Those...

Valentines Ideas (Save for Next Year!)

Crafty Texas Girls 2/16 10:30P Samantha Conner
Timing is everything. Which is why I am laughing as I write this post. Who wants great ideas for Valentines... on February 17th???? Well I am hoping you do! Or at least you are curious to see what we...
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