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Angelfish Popsicle Stick Craft

Meaningful Mama 6/13 9:02P jodidurr
Today I m teaching you how to make an angelfish popsicle stick craft . It is a very simple craft to do, and kids will enjoy the end product. Whether you are doing a study on ocean life or just want a simple, inexpensive craft to do with your kids...

Water Bottle Fish Craft

Meaningful Mama 5/17 9:02P jodidurr
Are you ready for a great up-cycle craft for all of those empathy water bottles you have laying around? This water bottle fish craft is both easy and fun for kids of all ages. The fish designs are endless. I think your kids are going to love to...

DIY Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones

Meaningful Mama 5/10 8:46A jodidurr
Want to amp up your ice cream experience? You should definitely try these easy DIY chocolate dipped ice cream cones . Whether you are doing something special for your kids or hosting a party, like this epic ice cream birthday party , these fun...

How to Avoid Controlling Your Teenager

Meaningful Mama 5/6 10:03A jodidurr
As I walk into the teenage years with my kids, I am reflecting on how to avoid being a controlling parent . Knowing that parenting should look different as kids age, I want to adapt well so I can best...

Self Portrait Andy Warhol Art Created with Markers

Meaningful Mama 4/30 5:00A jodidurr
Kids of all ages will love making this self portrait Andy Warhol art created with markers . It is an art lesson for children that is inexpensive and easy to do, and it provides an opportunity to teach them about art history.  This art project is...

Help! I Have the Mom Blues

Meaningful Mama 4/13 9:02P jodidurr
As I considered another more compelling title for this article, I decided to rest on Help! I Have the Mom Blues . The other title would draw in readers, and I know it would resonate with many because...
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