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Pornography :: Jimmy & Josh Myers of Pairadocs Podcast [Ep 162]

God Centered Mom 4/23 7:02P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
It s time to acknowledge the porn in the room . Unfortunately, this topic hits too close to home for too many families. And goes beyond being a moral issue, causing ripple-effect damage to our...

In Search of the Next Word

Rob Carmack Words 4/17 4:28A Rob Carmack
As a pastor/communicator, I’ve reached an unusual place in my life: I don’t know what to say next . A little more than three years ago—when we knew that we were about to start Collective Church—I sat down at my computer and created a document with...

Extravagant Time with Jesus :: Charity Reeb [Ep 161]

God Centered Mom 4/16 7:03P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
In keeping my word to update you a bit about the  trip to Israel , I ve invited my travel buddy (and previous podcast guest ) Charity Reeb on the show. But honestly? This episode is more about you and...

Emotional Milestones :: Sissy Goff & David Thomas [Ep 160]

God Centered Mom 4/8 7:25P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Most kids meet physical milestones without much assistance from their parents. One day you look over and your little one has rolled over. Before you know it he takes off crawling. For some kids these...

Us Lately.

The Wiegands 4/4 4:14A CaseyWiegand
I told Chris today, I'm going to miss this season of life so much someday. Bouncing babies, braiding hair, dance parties, silly fun. It's literally what I've always dreamed of. ??? My sunshine girl...

Healing Friendship Wounds :: Lisa-Jo Baker [Ep 159]

God Centered Mom 4/2 7:42P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Oh friendship! A gift that can bring incredible joy and cause great pain. If female relationships weren t tricky enough, our wounded selves bump into each other causing even deeper hurts. But what are...


The Wiegands 3/27 6:04A CaseyWiegand
Eight. ??? At 11:32 on this day our eyes met for the first time- I'll never forget the way in an instant my heart changed forever. Our eyes locked and I realized that day my heart would never be the...

Grounded Joy :: Ellie Holcomb [Ep 158]

God Centered Mom 3/26 7:50P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Welp. It finally happened. All my sadness poured out in an interview. The pain from the past few months bubbled over in this sweet conversation with  Ellie Holcomb . And we shared testimony of all the...

Why Israel Matters to Moms :: Josh Ahrens [Ep 157]

God Centered Mom 3/19 7:22P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
If this topic seems random. . .trust me it s not. First of all, as this episode drops on iTunes, I ll be heading on a great adventure to Israel with a group of Christian leaders (including past...

Building the Family You Never Had :: Mary DeMuth [Ep 156]

God Centered Mom 3/12 7:48P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
You end up duplicating what s in your heart to your kids. Become the person you want your kids to become. - Mary DeMuth So simple. Become the person you want your kids to become. In this week s...

What’s Your “Wifestyle” ? :: Jen Weaver [Ep 155]

God Centered Mom 3/5 7:19P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togevah today. (and only you diehard Princess Bride fans are grinning right now). For the rest of you. . . a glimpse into our wedding reception, 18 years ago: Yep,...
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