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Aiden & his reptiles.

The Wiegands 10/11 4:44P CaseyWiegand
The next Steve Irwin. Lizards and snakes in his pockets, frogs coming home in his lunchbox, packing little cages to run around with on the playground at school. Since he was little enough to...

Little Girl Butterfly Hair.

The Wiegands 10/10 3:53P CaseyWiegand
Step ONE: Brush through hair, detangle. Step TWO: Put up in a Ponytail. STEP THREE: Separate into three parts. STEP FOUR: Clip over the 2 parts on each side ( almost looks like a bow). I spread the...


The Wiegands 10/2 8:14A CaseyWiegand
Finally sharing a few pics from Apple's birthday party! She turned six the same week that she started Kindergarten. All the mama feels bursting up inside me. My hardest stretch in motherhood is in the...

Pumpkin Pie Scented Play-dough.

The Wiegands 9/30 3:22A CaseyWiegand
The air outside makes me flood with memories. I can still see the beautiful cupcakes my mom would make in the Fall with candy corn on top and the smell of pumpkin pie pouring through our kitchen. I...

Become Fully Alive–Mind, Body, & Spirit :: Susie Larson [Ep 218]

God Centered Mom 9/23 7:42P Heather MacFadyen
It s all too easy slip into believing lies over God’s truth. My guest today shares that healing is possible and opens up about her personal healing journey from both physical and emotional abuse and chronic illness. An author, radio host, and...


The Wiegands 9/21 5:33P CaseyWiegand
It’s been my moms dream for years and years to have us all in Nantucket together. My parents, my family, my brother and his sweet family- all under one roof again. She said that every year she dreamt...

Ainsleigh Kate Party Pics

The Wiegands 9/21 2:25A CaseyWiegand
On Friday we brought treats up to her class at school for lunch and I told her class why we call her our sunshine girl. I started to tell about how she radiates light and love and joy and before I...

The Gift of Celebrating the Biblical Feasts :: Amber Lee [Ep 217]

God Centered Mom 9/16 7:39P Heather MacFadyen
So much of the Old Testament in the Bible is devoted to the traditions and celebrations of the Jewish faith. It is all a part of the rich heritage that Jesus was born into and the prophecies he fulfills. As Christians, we often skim over the...

Ainsleigh - Eight.

The Wiegands 9/15 5:29P CaseyWiegand
Tomorrow you are eight. I am up looking through baby pictures of you, remembering how you smelled and looked and how I felt from the moment that my heart met you. In a million dreams, I could never...


The Wiegands 9/10 8:34A CaseyWiegand
Finally sharing a handful of our New York photos from this summer! This was a dream trip. We stayed at the Plaza Hotel and did so many memorable things together as a family. This was our summer of...

Help Your Children Embrace Differences :: Dorena Williamson [Ep 216]

God Centered Mom 9/9 7:39P Heather MacFadyen
Many of us avoid and struggle with conversations about race or disabilities because it’s uncomfortable. When our children ask innocent questions about someone who is different than they are, it can make us feel tongue tied or embarrassed. Author...

Hands Up, Worries Down :: Chris & Jodi (Love & The Outcome) Ep 215

God Centered Mom 9/3 7:08P Heather MacFadyen
Contemporary Christian musicians Chris Rademaker and Jodi King followed God’s call to pursue a musical adventure as the husband-wife duo Love & The Outcome. They share their experiences of selling their home, walking through grief, newlywed life...

Gay Girl, Good God :: Jackie Hill Perry [Ep 214]

God Centered Mom 8/26 7:15P Heather MacFadyen
It’s an uncomfortable and often controversial subject, especially in the church, but homosexuality and same sex attraction is something we all need to understand from a Biblical perspective. This week’s guest Jackie Hill Perry shares how the power...


The Wiegands 8/20 7:37P CaseyWiegand
Apple Wiegand I love you so much. Just saying that sentence makes the tears well up in my eyes. Tonight I was thinking about what a huge need in my heart you filled, something only meant for you. How...

Adopting Special Needs :: Alice & Candace [Ep 213]

God Centered Mom 8/19 7:36P Heather MacFadyen
Often the hardest assignments in our lives bring us the greatest good. I ve seen it to be true in my own life. And have walked this Truth with friends on their journeys.  In this episode I’ve invited my friends Alice and Candace to share their...
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