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Why Israel Matters to Moms :: Josh Ahrens [Ep 157]

God Centered Mom 3/19 7:22P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
If this topic seems random. . .trust me it s not. First of all, as this episode drops on iTunes, I ll be heading on a great adventure to Israel with a group of Christian leaders (including past...

Building the Family You Never Had :: Mary DeMuth [Ep 156]

God Centered Mom 3/12 7:48P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
You end up duplicating what s in your heart to your kids. Become the person you want your kids to become. - Mary DeMuth So simple. Become the person you want your kids to become. In this week s...

What’s Your “Wifestyle” ? :: Jen Weaver [Ep 155]

God Centered Mom 3/5 7:19P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togevah today. (and only you diehard Princess Bride fans are grinning right now). For the rest of you. . . a glimpse into our wedding reception, 18 years ago: Yep,...

Living with Every Heartbeat Surrendered :: Julie Manning [Ep 152]

God Centered Mom 2/12 7:55P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Moms aren t supposed to get sick. They definitely shouldn t get diagnosed with heart failure . . . in their mid-20s . . . after giving birth to a new baby. But life doesn t always go by supposed to...


The Wiegands 2/10 12:59P CaseyWiegand
For the past few years I have chosen a word for the year. It's something that means a lot to's just one way I see God tangibly moving and working in my life...I see the constant theme of the...

Grace-Based Discipline :: Karis Kimmel Murray [Ep 150]

God Centered Mom 1/29 7:46P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
I know I should parent with grace (a.k.a. unmerited favor ). But I struggle with how to combine grace & discipline . When a little guy smacks his brother upside the head, I don t want to ignore it or...

Cali Trip.

The Wiegands 1/29 8:13A CaseyWiegand
Last week we got back from a fun family trip to California and I wanted to put a few of the photos here! We took the kiddos out of school for a week and met my parents in Dana was truly...

Loving Your Different Child :: Sally & Nathan Clarkson [Ep 149]

God Centered Mom 1/23 1:51A Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
God didn t give me a child so I could tell Him exactly my expectations of how that child should be. You have to say God show me how to love the child you gave me and how to release him within his...

I Quit Everything So I Can Love My Life Again

Confessions of a Pastor's Family 1/22 3:54A Jennifer
Wow, friends. It s been a long time since I ve met you here. It s been almost four months, actually, since the last time I posted. It s not because I haven t wanted to be with you though. It s because I haven t known what to say. Life is hard...

Overcoming Insecurity in Friendships :: Renee Swope {Ep 148}

God Centered Mom 1/16 5:55P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Friendships can be tricky. Then throw in our own weaknesses and insecurities. . .oi vey! Today s guest, Renee Swope , openly wrote about her self-doubt struggles in the book, A Confident Heart **....

Best Books of 2016

Rob Carmack Words 1/12 6:16A Rob Carmack
I know this list is a bit late. I blame pneumonia, mostly. In fact, when I finally felt up to writing this post, I worried that it was too late--that nobody would care what the best books of 2016 were because we are already more than a full week...

Blog How to & Email List.

The Wiegands 1/10 8:40A CaseyWiegand
I rarely talk about CaseyLeigh Essentials business over here but the truth is over the last two and half years it has radically changed our life. Residual income, a community that feels like a family-...
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