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A Lesson Teaching Empathy to Kids

Meaningful Mama 5/18 8:52A jodidurr
Today I share a lesson teaching empathy to kids . This lesson on empathy is a part of my character-building series. My hope is to equip teachers, parents, and caregivers as they seek resources for...

Beautiful Lemon Tart Recipe

Meaningful Mama 5/11 10:56A jodidurr
This beautiful lemon tart recipe delights in both flavor and presentation. With this step-by-step guide to creating a lemon tart, you can entertain like a professional baker. Who doesn t love lemon?...

Dear Mom, I Need You

Meaningful Mama 5/9 9:02P jodidurr
Dear Mom, I Need You.  Today I m writing the cry of our children s hearts. You may never hear these words out loud. They might not even know this is what they are feeling, but this is what their heart...

Delicious Vegetarian Quiche Recipe

Meaningful Mama 4/25 9:02P jodidurr
Do you have a breakfast or brunch coming up and need a tasty and impressive component? This delicious  vegetarian quiche recipe might be just what you are looking for. I love to make this quiche just...

Easter Bread in the Shape of a Cross

Meaningful Mama 4/11 3:43P jodidurr
This delicious cinnamon and sugar Easter bread in the shape of a cross can help you celebrate a Christ-centered Easter or Good Friday. The cross is a reminder of what Jesus did for us as we also...

Handprint Palm Sunday Craft for Kids

Meaningful Mama 4/10 9:48A jodidurr
This handprint Palm Sunday craft for kids is a beautiful way to celebrate the day Jesus was celebrated as Lord and Messiah. This is a great Palm Sunday activity for kids of all ages. Toddlers, preschool kids, kindergarteners, and older kids can...

Free Adult Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Meaningful Mama 4/9 11:59A jodidurr
I hope you enjoy these free adult Easter egg coloring pages . When I sat down to color one of these Easter printables for this post, my two teen daughters sat themselves down and said they wanted to...

Easter Bunny Craft with Q-Tips

Meaningful Mama 4/5 9:01P jodidurr
With Easter quickly approaching, I thought I would share this fun Easter bunny craft with q-tips . Kids will love making this Easter craft to celebrate the holiday. While we focus on the death and...
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