Faith-filled Dallas

Summer of Mentorship 2019 Week One :: Nancy Williams

God Centered Mom 7/14 7:40P Heather MacFadyen
The first guest in our mentorship series is Nancy Williams**. She is known by her 9 grandchildren & 4 great-grandchildren to label each family gathering as "the best ever". Her phrase perfectly summarizes this podcast. The show first aired in...

Easy Chocolate Cake

The Wiegands 7/12 4:47A CaseyWiegand
Mary Beth Johnson is a writer based in Atlanta, GA. She is currently writing her first book in between school drop off and laundry piles. She can be found every day on Instagram and at the local...

At The Beach Recap Part 2

The Wiegands 7/9 8:21A CaseyWiegand
I cherish our time away as a family. Having the opportunity and making the time to spend those weeks at the beach meant everything to me. I have this constant pull in my heart of making sure I am...

Goodbye to our Crib of 11 years.

The Wiegands 7/8 1:49A CaseyWiegand
About a year ago I wrote this about our crib. Y’all. This crib. We bought it when I was pregnant with my first and all four babies have used it. I’ve slept in that crib, next to that crib.... I’ve...

4th of July, a Recap

The Wiegands 7/7 12:48A CaseyWiegand
The sweetest day!!!! Started off at the local parade and then came back for a block party + swimming then ended the day with dinner & fireworks. Truly SUCH a great day with friends and family! Having...

No Waving from the Sidelines.

The Wiegands 7/6 12:17A CaseyWiegand
Last year when we came here I remember having this realization that my kids don’t care if I put on makeup before a bike ride or what I look like at the beach, they just want their mom. They want to...

How To Organize and Store Your Kids’ Artwork Forever

The Wiegands 7/5 10:00A CaseyWiegand
How To Organize and Store Your Kids’ Artwork Forever Mary Beth Johnson is a writer based in Atlanta, GA. She is currently writing her first book in between school drop off and laundry piles. She can...

At The Beach Recap Part 1

The Wiegands 7/2 2:21A CaseyWiegand
This week has been incredible...simply perfect in every way! Even the imperfect moments were beautiful in their own way as we spent every moment together, soaking up the sun, biking, cuddling in beach...

Infused Water: Honeydew, Cucumber, and Mint Recipe

The Wiegands 7/1 4:07A CaseyWiegand
Are you a lover of drinking infused water? This is something that I’ve been intentionally doing for a while now, and I am loving the benefits and the enjoyment! It is so refreshing and tasty, which...

Birthday on the Beach.

The Wiegands 6/28 8:38A CaseyWiegand
Having my birthday while in Florida had to the absolute BEST way to celebrate! Being right where I want to be with all the loves of my life right with me....THE BEST. Aiden asked me in the ocean what...

Watermelon Pops for Summer.

The Wiegands 6/26 1:25A CaseyWiegand
Creating a fun summer treat doesn’t have to be overly complicated or include a million ingredients. Is there anything better than cold, juicy watermelon in the middle of a sunny day? My kids adore it!...

DIY Hair Mask Recipe.

The Wiegands 6/25 3:41A CaseyWiegand
I can’t wait to share another hair DIY with you today! As we get into the hot summer months, all of the sun exposure and time in the water can leave our hair feeling drier than it usually does, and...

Women Can Be All-In for Jesus :: Kat Armstrong [Ep 253]

God Centered Mom 6/23 8:00P Heather MacFadyen
Kat Armstrong, the guest from one of my most popular episodes is back on the podcast to share the message of her new book, No More Holding Back. The first question we talk about is, “Can a woman learn...

DIY Lip Balm Recipe

The Wiegands 6/22 2:17A CaseyWiegand
Do you love yummy lip balms as much as I do??? This is a really fun lip balm DIY, and the best thing is, you can add whatever essential oils you want and make it just perfect for you and your friends!...

Our Home Tour Recap.

The Wiegands 6/21 2:18A CaseyWiegand
Making our house into a home was such a special gift to me. Taking time in each room to plan and decorate - to make it our own. Special touches here and there that are personalized to each of us, it...
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