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Sausage Chaffle Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Meaningful Mama 1/11 7:31A jodidurr
Whether you are going Keto or just trying to have a low-carb breakfast, you are going to love this delicious sausage chaffle breakfast sandwich recipe . I was just introduced to the concept of a...

5 Simple Ways to Improve Homework Time

Meaningful Mama 1/7 8:02P jodidurr
Homework time can be one of the more frustrating times as a parent. In a time of a pandemic, these 5 simple ways to improve homework time can also help as you navigate distance learning with your children. I used to be a private tutor, and I...

Melted Crayon Dot Heart

Meaningful Mama 1/5 5:00A jodidurr
This melted crayon dot heart is a fun craft for this Valentine season. Of course, you don t need to wait for Valentine s Day to do this kind of craft. It is easy to do this dot art with any shape. I will show you how to make it work in this...

Easy Baby Jesus in Manger Craft

Meaningful Mama 12/11 9:32A jodidurr
Here s a super easy baby Jesus in manger craft that can be done by preschool kids and older. It is the perfect Sunday School Christmas craft for kids. That said, I believe that parents are the first and best disciplers of their kids, so I...

Stained Glass Nativity Craft for Kids

Meaningful Mama 12/3 8:02P jodidurr
This stained glass nativity craft for kids comes with a free printable to make it easy to do with kids of all ages. The beautiful design reflects colorful light when the nativity craft is hung in the...

Best Family Strategy Board Games for 2020

Meaningful Mama 12/2 7:30A jodidurr
As a gamer, I wanted to provide you with the ultimate list of the best family strategy board games for 2020 and game reviews for each. Some of these games may be new to you, but not all of them were...

Easy 2 Ingredient Elephant Ears

Meaningful Mama 11/19 8:23A jodidurr
These easy 2 ingredient elephant ears are a childhood favorite. While we usually think of elephant ears as fair or amusement park food, there is no reason why these favorite treats shouldn t be...

Free Christmas Symmetry Worksheets for Kids

Meaningful Mama 11/17 7:16A jodidurr
These free Christmas symmetry worksheets for kids provide a great drawing activity during the holiday season. Whether your children or students are wanting to develop skills in drawing or if you are...

Oreo Ice Cream and Brownie Bomb Dessert

Meaningful Mama 11/9 1:08P jodidurr
Guests will delight over this Oreo Ice Cream and Brownie Bomb Dessert . While a dessert like this is meant to impress, what your guests don t need to know is how stinkin easy it is to create. Get the...

Object Lesson for Kindness – The Domino Effect

Meaningful Mama 11/4 10:00A jodidurr
Here s a great Object Lesson for Kindness The Domino Effect. As we raise kids to live with character and concern for others, kindness is a trait that needs to be emphasized. Kids learn through object...
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