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How to Avoid Controlling Your Teenager

Meaningful Mama 5/6 10:03A jodidurr
As I walk into the teenage years with my kids, I am reflecting on how to avoid being a controlling parent . Knowing that parenting should look different as kids age, I want to adapt well so I can best...

Self Portrait Andy Warhol Art Created with Markers

Meaningful Mama 4/30 5:00A jodidurr
Kids of all ages will love making this self portrait Andy Warhol art created with markers . It is an art lesson for children that is inexpensive and easy to do, and it provides an opportunity to teach them about art history.  This art project is...

Help! I Have the Mom Blues

Meaningful Mama 4/13 9:02P jodidurr
As I considered another more compelling title for this article, I decided to rest on Help! I Have the Mom Blues . The other title would draw in readers, and I know it would resonate with many because...

Parenting is a Marathon

Meaningful Mama 3/18 8:20A jodidurr
Parenting is a marathon, not a 50 yard dash. Why has it taken me so long to understand this? Logically it make so much sense, but when I entered into parenting, I didn t even believe this concept. Of...

If I Change Me, Will my Spouse Really Change?

Meaningful Mama 3/15 9:02P jodidurr
Marriage isn t always easy. We come into a relationship with certain expectations and can be disappointed with reality. Marriage reveals our weaknesses, and I have learned that the best thing to do to try and fix your relationship is to work on...

Apple Stamping St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Craft

Meaningful Mama 3/11 8:08A jodidurr
This apple stamping St. Patrick s Day shamrock craft is a fun, easy and inexpensive craft for kids of all ages. Adding a child s picture in the middle helps add a touch of personalization to this four leaf clover activity for kids. If you want to...

Keto Bacon and Cheese Frittata Recipe

Meaningful Mama 2/25 11:05A jodidurr
Breakfast! It s my favorite meal, and this keto bacon and cheese frittata recipe has quickly moved to the top of my list. Whether I m making breakfast for dinner or entertaining friends for brunch, the ease and tastiness of this recipe makes it a...
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