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Candy Corn Man Craft

Meaningful Mama 9/18 9:02P jodidurr
Inspired by a classic fall treat, I came up with this candy corn man craft for my daughter s harvest party. This craft fit in perfectly for her candy corn-themed harvest party . As you search for...

Caramel Apple Monsters

Meaningful Mama 9/4 9:02P jodidurr
These caramel apple monsters are a fun way to make plain old caramel apples come alive. This is an easy fall and Halloween activity that kids will love creating with you. Want another engaging...

The Best Easy Key Lime Pie Recipe

Meaningful Mama 8/30 2:30P jodidurr
This really is the best easy Key Lime pie recipe . Key lime pie is a favorite among many, and this recipe will not disappoint. I have had friends call from Key West saying they love my key lime pie...

50+ Powerful Scriptures to Speak Over Children

Meaningful Mama 8/9 6:48A jodidurr
While the world wants to speak lies over our children, we want to declare the truth. That is why I am providing you with these 50+ powerful scriptures to speak over children and a free printable with...

How to Teach Empathy to Kids

Meaningful Mama 8/3 2:55P jodidurr
As part of my character-building series, we are going to explore how to teach empathy to kids using Play-Doh mats. This lesson comes with a number of free printables, and it helps kids learn how to...

Decorating Ideas for a Barn Wedding Shower

Meaningful Mama 7/14 10:04A jodidurr
These decorating ideas for a barn wedding shower can provide visual inspiration as you plan your own celebration. I will include shower activities as well. Whatever your barn celebration wedding,...
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