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Gratitude with Every Bite :: Melissa d’Arabian [Ep 266]

God Centered Mom 11/17 6:40P Heather MacFadyen
Melissa d’Arabian is a winner of “The Next Food Network Star,” a celebrity chef, author, and mom of four girls. She’s an expert on affordable and healthy family home cooking who has inspired people with her shows on the Food Network.  A few years...

6th Podcast-iversary :: Heather MacFadyen [Ep 265]

God Centered Mom 11/10 6:41P Heather MacFadyen
Wow! Six years into podcasting and the 265 episodes of this show have been downloaded 8.7 million times across 204 different countries. Today we are celebrating our podcast-iversary with a “best-of”...

Compassion Changes Everything :: Jonathan Almonte [Ep 264]

God Centered Mom 11/3 6:35P Heather MacFadyen
Jonathan Almonte’s story shows how sponsoring a child through Compassion International (or other similar programs) can change the course of a child’s life. However, it is the compassion of the people in his story who loved him when he fought back...

Foster Care Story of Hope :: Victoria Petersen [Ep 263]

God Centered Mom 10/27 6:35P Heather MacFadyen
On the surface, Victoria (Tori) Petersen’s story doesn’t sound full of hope. Her growing up years were filled with abuse, a mom who struggled with drugs, and more than 10 foster homes with no hope of...

You Deserve a Mentor :: Susie Davis [Ep 262]

God Centered Mom 10/20 6:40P Heather MacFadyen
Susie Davis is a mentor of mentors. She’s the author of several books and host of the Dear Daughters podcast. I’m so excited to share our conversation with you as she answers your questions about mentorship, marriage and meeting with God. I think...

Racial Healing Starts with You :: Latasha Morrison [Ep 261]

God Centered Mom 10/13 6:40P Heather MacFadyen
Racial tensions in America are as high within the church as outside of it. My guest Latasha (aka Tasha) Morrison believes Jesus followers must become the leaders in the conversation. That we must, “build a bridge” to bring justice, healing and...

The Window of Tolerance :: Charissa Fry [Ep 260]

God Centered Mom 10/6 6:51P Heather MacFadyen
As parents, we are keenly aware of the peaks and valleys of our kids’ emotions. Anger, sadness, excitement, and all the other feelings can make us feel like our child is on a roller coaster we’re just trying to slow down. It’s true that we all...

The Enneagram, Marriage and the Gospel :: Beth McCord [Ep 259]

God Centered Mom 9/29 6:35P Heather MacFadyen
It’s a popular (and sometimes controversial) typology system that can help you understand yourself and others better, but how can we use the Enneagram in light of the gospel to help our marriages thrive? Beth McCord of Your Enneagram Coach is here...

Helping Your Child with Sensory Processing Issues :: Lynne Jackson [Ep 258]

God Centered Mom 9/22 6:41P Heather MacFadyen
When a child processes sensory information just a little differently than his or her peers it can mean BIG emotions, meltdowns and a huge struggle for us as parents. Often these kids are labeled as “sensitive” or “intense” and they might cause us...

Forgiving My Alcoholic Mother :: Sarah Mae [Ep 257]

God Centered Mom 9/15 6:40P Heather MacFadyen
Author, blogger and podcast host Sarah Mae joins me to share her story of working through the generational bondage of alcoholism and the verbal and emotional abuse she suffered from her mother. I remember yelling out, 'I'm going to kill myself,'...

Porn-Proofing Our Kids :: Kristen Jenson [Ep 256]

God Centered Mom 9/8 6:44P Heather MacFadyen
Access to the internet is everywhere in our modern world. And that means access to pornography and sexual imagery is everywhere too. Rather than bury our heads in the sand or cross our fingers that our kids won’t see porn, we can choose to be...
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