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How to Make a Realistic Nintendo Switch Cake

Meaningful Mama 11/27 8:45P jodidurr
Planning a video game party? Wondering how to make a realistic Nintendo Switch cake? I got you. With my written instructions, photos, and video tutorial, I hope to make the task manageable for even novice cake decorators. My cake-making 101 and...

Seven Simple Tips to Help Children Recognize their Worth

Meaningful Mama 11/24 8:43P jodidurr
In a world that can be hard and cold, I have seven simple tips to help children recognize their worth . The last few years have taken a lot from our children. It took away school, birthday parties,...

Easy Handprint Turkey Craft

Meaningful Mama 11/23 12:29P jodidurr
This easy handprint turkey craft is both simple and sweet. If you are looking for a Thanksgiving craft for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten kids, or even older, this is the kids Thanksgiving...

Easy Oreo Buttercream Frosting Recipe

Meaningful Mama 11/20 8:52P jodidurr
This easy Oreo buttercream frosting recipe brings cakes and cupcakes to life using the infamous chocolate and cream cookie combination. Not only is it easy to make your own buttercream frosting, but...

Christmas Countdown Coloring Calendar

Meaningful Mama 11/19 11:21A jodidurr
This Christmas countdown coloring calendar is one simple way to build anticipation for my favorite holiday. Along with the coloring calendar, I am going to provide activity ideas associated with the...

Gobbling Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Meaningful Mama 11/14 8:05P jodidurr
If you are looking for a great seasonal craft to do with your kids, I think you are going to love this gobbling turkey Thanksgiving craft . This turkey made from a cup will really gobble, gobble, gobble to your child s delight. If you are looking...

Oreo Bats Tutorial

Meaningful Mama 10/27 8:02P jodidurr
These bat Oreos are a great treat for your own Superhero party, and I hope you find this Oreo Bats tutorial super helpful. Oh, OK, you can use them for Halloween too. They d be perfect for a Harvest...

Whole30 and Dairy-Free Mexican Frittata

Meaningful Mama 10/25 6:43A jodidurr
This Whole30 and dairy-free Mexican frittata has all of the flavors of Mexico you love, and it is packed full of vegetables making it an excellent choice for anyone wanting to live a healthier life....

Free Thanksgiving Lacing Cards

Meaningful Mama 10/11 7:04A jodidurr
I hope these free Thanksgiving lacing cards bring your kids joy this Thanksgiving season. Finding fun crafts and activities is such an engaging way to celebrate the holidays. It builds excitement around the festivities. Want another fun...

Volleyball Locker Decorations

Meaningful Mama 9/28 2:00A jodidurr
These DIY volleyball locker decorations are made with a Cricut and hung with a magnet hook. I m providing a video tutorial to help take your design from the beginning stages to the final Cricut look....

How to Compliment Kids

Meaningful Mama 9/27 4:00A jodidurr
Let s talk about how to compliment kids because not all praise is equal. Scientific research shows us the best methods. I get excited watching my children succeed at something. As parents, we want to...

Pumpkin Spice Glazed Air Fryer Donuts

Meaningful Mama 9/23 1:29P jodidurr
Warning: These pumpkin spice-glazed air fryer donuts are addictive. Welcome to autumn where pumpkin spice recipes usher in a new season. If you love donuts and you love pumpkin spice, this combo is going to rock your world. Wanting another fall...

Plastic Perler Bead Bowls

Meaningful Mama 9/19 3:05A jodidurr
These gorgeous Perler bead bowls are a craft for kids that is easy and mess-free. If you are looking for a fun activity that yields a useful product, I think you will love making these bowls with your...
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