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The Wiegands 6/20 7:24P CaseyWiegand
I can still smell the summer air on my grandparents farm. The wind in my face as I sat on their porch and the feeling in my heart as I played in my own “purple room”. Two months ago at my grandads...

Utah 2018

The Wiegands 6/18 4:04A CaseyWiegand
It's so amazing to walk a path and look backwards and see how clearly the Lord has led you step by step there. In the moment it might seem uncertain or confusing but as you look back you can see the...

Summer of Mentorship 2018 [Week One] :: Sheila Walsh

God Centered Mom 6/17 7:24P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Just like last year we ll be republishing older episodes for the next six weeks. I ll be enjoying a much needed Sabbath and y all will get a chance to hear episodes you may not have heard yet (or reminded of ones you loved in the past)! Here s a...

The Legacy of a Calm Father :: Kirk Martin [Ep 210]

God Centered Mom 6/10 7:16P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
We’ve talked a lot about calm parenting techniques on GCM in the past. It’s something many of us moms have seen work. But this episode is one you may want to listen to and invite your hubby to as well! Founder of Celebrate Calm , Kirk Martin,...

Which Type of Rest Do You Need? :: Saundra Dalton-Smith [Ep 209]

God Centered Mom 6/3 7:47P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
As moms, we know we need rest. We usually equate rest with sleep or with a vacation, but this week’s guest shares a broader picture of our need for rest in multiple areas of our lives. Saundra Dalton-Smith is a medical doctor, wife and mother to...

Time & Space for Flourishing in a Tech World :: Andy Crouch [Ep 208]

God Centered Mom 5/28 7:50P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
In a world where devices, video games and screen-based entertainment dominate our time and space, we can choose to make our family culture different. It isn’t easy and it isn’t always fun, but there are huge benefits for us and our kids when we...

Outdoor Party.

The Wiegands 5/24 6:09P CaseyWiegand
Super honored and excited to have my cute crew over on PEOPLE.COM ! You can check out the article here ! We are obviously obsessed with Joanna Gaines and her amazing line at Target- we were completely...

Parenting in the Digital Age :: Ashley Januszewski [Ep 207]

God Centered Mom 5/20 7:57P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Our children are growing up in a digital age with unparalleled access to technology. With these wonderful advances, comes a heavy responsibility we cannot ignore as parents. The access to pornography and sexual images and videos is everywhere and...

Overcoming Barriers to Sexual Intimacy :: Nancy Houston [Ep 206]

God Centered Mom 5/13 7:51P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
*Earbud warning may want to listen without innocent ears hearing as well. ?? This episode is about having great SEX with your husband. Whether that gets you excited or brings up fear in you, please stay and listen to my chat with Nancy Houston....

Practical Tips for the Corporate Mom Life (Guest Post by Causha Jolly)

God Centered Mom 5/9 4:51A GodCenteredMom
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to answer these questions.  I feel like there is so much that we all struggle with as moms/career moms. It is really sweet to see how God uses each of our lives.  And being able to learn from one another...

Corporate Working Moms :: Causha Jolly & Stacey McCabe [Ep 205]

God Centered Mom 5/7 12:52A GodCenteredMom
? There is a lot of pressure placed on moms to nurture and care for our families. Add the responsibilities of a full-time job on top of that and it easy to see why being a mom is called the hardest job in the world. My friends Causha Jolly and...

Centering Truth :: Lisa Bevere [Ep 204]

God Centered Mom 4/29 7:33P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
In her new book, New York Times bestselling author Lisa Bevere tackles the question, “What is truth?”. It is a defining question in our current age which is ruled by a shifting sea of opinions and a constantly changing culture. But, truth is...


The Wiegands 4/28 6:40A CaseyWiegand
The summer of 2000 Chris worked at Kanakuk and met Jordan Critz - two creative guys that loved the Lord and they became friends. In 2005 when Chris and I started dating I remember going to meet his...

Hope During Infertility and Infant Loss :: Shawna Beucler [Ep 203]

God Centered Mom 4/22 7:44P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Losing a baby to miscarriage or later in pregnancy is heartbreaking, especially when you are struggling with infertility. Imagine experiencing that type of loss multiple times. My guest and friend, Shawna Beucler shares the story behind her two...

Faith for the Unexpected :: Christine Caine [Ep 202]

God Centered Mom 4/15 7:38P Heather MacFadyen--interviews Sh
Powerhouse Christine Caine shares how she let go of fear and found faith for when the unexpected happened. Lots of truth and encouragement here for anyone who has encountered fear in parenting, a medical diagnosis and rejection in friendships… so...
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