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When You Feel Guilty About Not Breastfeeding

Kids Activities Blog 4/25 6:00P Becky Mansfield
If you feel guilty about not breastfeeding, this is for you.  You see, we have four children and I tried to breastfeed all of them I couldn t. I had to bottle feed two of them.   Our second son was born with hyperonicity (high muscle tone)  and...

Avengers Soap

Kids Activities Blog 4/25 5:57P Brittanie
With the release of Avengers: Infinity War this week, my kiddos are wanting to make all sorts of fun Avengers themed crafts. Our most recent creation being Avengers Soap that is totally easy and fun for bath time! The thing I love about making...

25 Creative DIY Projects For Kids Rooms

Kids Activities Blog 4/25 7:00A Birute Efe
Creating a perfect design for your child s room is challenging. Plus it can get pretty expensive! But it shouldn t be like that. For that reason I gathered a list of DIY projects that we can easily make ourselves. Some are harder than others, but...

How to Pack a Super Hero Lunch to Celebrate Avengers: End Game!

Kids Activities Blog 4/25 1:00A Carla Wiking
My kids are so excited for the new Avengers movie! We are planning on going to see it after school tomorrow, so I wanted to surprise them with a Super Hero Lunch to Celebrate Avengers: End Game! Packing the same old lunch for school everyday is...

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Parenting a Child With Special Needs

Kids Activities Blog 4/24 8:52A Quirky Momma
Recently, we’ve been working with our 5 year old daughter on understanding the difference between daytime and night time. She used to wake up almost every night in the middle of the night, and that would turn into hours of meltdowns which...

Finding Rest As a Mom

Kids Activities Blog 4/24 7:00A Becky Mansfield
When you have little ones, finding rest as a mom can seem like a far-off dream. There is the physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion that can cause moms to feel as though they are worn down with little left to give. Someone always needs...

How to Make Flowers {Cute Pipe Cleaner Craft}

Kids Activities Blog 4/24 1:00A Rachel
Little girls love learning how to make flowers from simple craft supplies at home. Let them try this easy pipe cleaner craft and they will be making colorful and unique flowers in no time and mom will have no mess to clean up! We love simple...

Thor Stormbreaker Axe Bookmark

Kids Activities Blog 4/23 11:15A Brittanie
Avengers: Infinity War is releasing this week and we ve got nothing but superheroes on our mind. That s exactly why we made this Thor Stormbreaker Axe Bookmark. It s the perfect craft for little hands to make but it also is perfect for booking...

Parents Are Supporting Mom Who Posted About Her Son Not Sharing

Kids Activities Blog 4/23 7:54A Brittanie
From a young age most of us try to teach our kids to share because that is what we are taught is the right and kind thing to do. However, one mom disagrees and after posting on Facebook about her son not sharing, her post has gone viral and what...

Chocolate Apples with Granola Recipe

Kids Activities Blog 4/23 7:00A Chris
What could be better than adding chocolate to your favorite fruit? How about Chocolate Apples with Granola, which add a little crunch to make a fun, healthy treat. Sometimes the best snacks are the ones you can also have fun making, and with this...

Celebrating Mom: Mother’s Day Quotes and Sayings

North Texas Kids 4/23 1:17A NTKids
Mother s Day Quotes and Sayings With Mother s Day coming up, we thought it would be a nice way to celebrate mothers by putting together a few quotes and saying we found on the internet. Here s to ...

Essential Oils for Tummy Troubles

Kids Activities Blog 4/23 1:00A Brittany Kelly
Are you suffering from tummy troubles? If so, you may be wondering if there are any natural ways you can cope with them. Essential oils can be a good option. While you won’t want to consume essential oils for your stomach problems, you can use...

One Pot Philly Cheesesteak Rotini

Kids Activities Blog 4/22 7:00A Allie
We are so excited to share our One Pot Philly Cheesesteak Rotini! You re going to love this homemade one pot pasta meal, because it means a delicious dinner with less dishes to wash. Related: Our One Pot Creamy Alfredo with Spring Veggies is...
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