Kid Activities

30 Dad Approved Projects For Fathers and Kids

Kids Activities Blog 6/16 5:51A Birute Efe
Does dad love to do projects with the kids? We ve found some amazing dad projects, crafts and science activities for fathers to do with their kids. We hope you have fun with these! These are dad-approved year round, but we love the thought of...

Man Saves Abandoned Baby Deer [Video]

Kids Activities Blog 6/16 4:45A Mary Malcolm
When Darius spotted an injured baby fawn struggling to keep up with its mother and siblings, he knew he had to rescue it. Darius lives close to Yellowstone National Park and often sees wildlife wander in and out of his yard, but this was the...

Fun Father’s Day Food – Sweet Treats & Desserts for Dad

Kids Activities Blog 6/16 4:00A Beth
Let s go make some Fun Father s Day Food! What dad wouldn t love a sweet treat or special meal for his very own holiday? Whether the dad in your house likes sandwiches, pizza, cupcakes, or cookies, we have you covered with these fun Father s Day...

Building Coloring Pages

Kids Activities Blog 6/16 2:51A Monica S
Coloring pages of buildings are so much fun: you can color them as you prefer: like a rainbow, or all pink, maybe with some blue circles It s so exciting! Download these printables and grab your favorite crayons to make them as colorful as...

Free Printable Hidden Object Pictures Puzzle – Sharks

Kids Activities Blog 6/16 2:00A Monica S
Today we have a really fun printable hidden pictures activity that is shark themed! We love hidden objects picture puzzles because they are part coloring page and part printable game. If you are using this as a part of your shark week activities,...

Wooden Spoon Garden Craft

Kids Activities Blog 6/16 1:00A Melissa
This Wooden Spoon Garden Craft is perfect for kids with a green thumb. It looks adorable in potted plants or in the garden, and is very easy for children to make independently. With Spring and Summer here it is time to get outside and plant, but...

Free 12 Month Play Calendar from The Big Book of Kids Activities

Kids Activities Blog 6/15 12:10P Holly
Today we have a really fun way to make sure play is included daily in your kids lives, our 12 month printable play calendar. This free download goes really well with our newly launched book, The Big Book of Kids Activities! Woot! Woot! The Big...

How to make Busy Boxes for Kids

Modern Mom Life 6/15 10:48A Michelle Hancock
Busy boxes for kids are so fun to make! Perfect for those times when mom or dad needs a little break. Kids can work independently on their busy boxes. Keep reading for busy box ideas and get free busy box labels to make your own at home. Why you...

Best Air Fryer Onion Rings Recipe

Kids Activities Blog 6/15 7:30A Kristen Yard
Air Fryer onion rings are better for you, since they aren t fried in oil, they are also delicious, and SO easy to make at home! You don t have to leave the house to pick them up, or wait for delivery, which is a huge plus! I also love that you...

Free Printable Fathers Day Cards for Kids to Give to Dad

Kids Activities Blog 6/15 5:30A Liz
Don’t you just adore homemade cards from your kids? Dad is going to love these free printable fathers day cards. All you have to do is print the fathers day cards and let your kids color. How easy (and inexpensive) is that? Simply download print...

15 Cool & Fun Science Activities for Kids

Kids Activities Blog 6/15 5:17A Holly
We love fun science activities and science experiments. We have a whole list of fun ways to learn and explore today with your little scientist. It is easier than you might think to have some serious fun with science in your backyard or on the...

Wolves Coloring Pages

Kids Activities Blog 6/15 3:04A Monica S
Looking for coloring pages for kids? Then it s your lucky day because we have wolves coloring pages to brighten up your day! Grab your gray crayons or coloring pencils and let s get coloring. This wolf printable set includes two coloring pages...

DIY Laurel Wreath Headpiece {Olympics Crafts for Kids}

Kids Activities Blog 6/15 3:00A Deirdre
DIY Laurel wreath headpiece using just pipe cleaners and felt to celebrate the Olympic games. A kotinos or laurel wreath is given as a prize to a winner in the ancient Olympic Games and it was a horseshoe shape. It was placed on the winner s head...

My Child Whines All The Time & How to Make it STOP!

Kids Activities Blog 6/15 2:00A Becky Mansfield
When your child whines all the time, it can be frustrating. If your kids are not listening or they cry about everything it makes parenting much harder. There are things that you can do to help when your child whines. Whining usually comes from...
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