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Free Printable Halloween Candy Coloring Pages For Kids

Kids Activities Blog 10/19 7:20A Amanda Vasquez
If your looking for fun activities for your kids to do on Halloween, our Halloween candy pages will be sure to keep your little ones entertained. So, we came up with these super fun Free Printable Halloween Candy Coloring Pages that you kids will...

You Can Make A Packing Tape Ghost That Is Creepy Cool

Kids Activities Blog 10/19 6:33A Liz Hall
Halloween is such a fun time to make arts and crafts galore, from carving pumpkins to decorating haunted houses. But a packing tape ghost? It takes Halloween crafting to a whole new spooktacular level! This creepy, but fun, idea for Halloween...

14 DIY Dog Treats for Your Furry Friend

Kids Activities Blog 10/19 5:00A Liz
You will be the hit of the dog park with these yummy DIY dog treats! We love our furry friends so much and I ve recently started making my own treats. They are much simpler than I would have expected and my dog is so happy. Here are my favorite...

Printable Animal Masks Inspired by Dolittle

Kids Activities Blog 10/19 4:50A Arena
This post is sponsored by Universal Pictures. When we first saw the trailer for Dolittle, I knew this was a movie my kiddo would love. A reimagined version of the classic tale, Doctor Dolittle talks with animals and embarks on an epic adventure...

15 Classroom Organization Hacks Every Teacher Should Know

Kids Activities Blog 10/19 3:19A Liz
Keeping a space that contains 20+ children can be chaotic, but with these 15 Classroom Organization Hacks Every Teacher Should Know your classroom will be ready to go in no time! We can help you keep your teacher supplies in order and for those...

Easy Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Craft Project

Kids Activities Blog 10/19 1:40A Liz
We have made this construction paper and coffee filter Halloween jack-o-lantern craft and it is easy and fun! We love creating tiny works of art to hang on the fridge. It s not always easy to find one age appropriate for toddlers and...

Learn how to draw easy Halloween drawings

Kids Activities Blog 10/19 1:06A Monica S
Learning how to make cool drawings is so much fun! It s an activity helps kids develop their creativity, and improve their motor skills all while having fun. Since Halloween is near, today we are learning how to draw a Jack-o -lantern to decorate...

This 12-Year-Old Boy Discovered A Rare Dinosaur Fossil and It Is Awesome

Kids Activities Blog 10/18 8:13A Liz Hall
Imagine going on hike and making a once-in-a-lifetime discovery: finding a fossil. It sounds like something out of a book or film, but it happened to one 12-year-old boy, Nathan Hrushkin, in Alberta, Canada this past July. Nathan Hrushkin was...

Aldi is Selling Halloween Pasta and It’s Just Boo-tiful

Kids Activities Blog 10/18 7:52A Shannon Carino
Do you make special Halloween foods for your kids? There s something super fun about making mummy-dogs out of hot dogs and crescent rolls or jack-o-lantern quesadillas to celebrate the holiday. But what if you d like something a little more...

12 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

Kids Activities Blog 10/18 5:30A Sherri Hagymas
Oh pumpkin, how I love thee! I am always searching for healthy pumpkin recipes. It s always my goal this time of year to NOT put on dreaded Holiday weight eating all the yummies we are surrounded by. Healthy Pumpkin Recipes I have put together...

Paper Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Kids Activities Blog 10/18 5:25A Arena
It s that time of year again! Leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting cooler, and Halloween is sneaking up on us. That means fall is here, and what better way to get ready than making Halloween crafts for kids? Celebrate fall with a...

30 Baby Food Recipes – That are Tasty!

Kids Activities Blog 10/18 3:55A Rachel
Here are some easy baby food recipes and baby food hacks and tricks that will make transitioning to from baby food to table food MUCH easier and tastier! I wish I had found these resources a couple of years ago. We love diy life hacks that...

Sweet Bees Printable Kindergarten Worksheet Pack

Kids Activities Blog 10/18 3:50A Tammy
This bee activity for kindergarten is so cute and perfect for spring! Your kids will bee happy learning with this Sweet Bees Printable Kindergarten Worksheet Pack. It s 8 pages packed full of learning with the cutest honey bees you ve ever seen....

Easy Black Bean Brownies

Kids Activities Blog 10/18 2:00A Rita
Update: This post was updated October, 2020 with new images and additional information for the reader. Brownies are definitely one of my favorite easy dessert recipes for kids and adults, too! These Easy Black Bean Brownies mix up quickly, and...

Magical Hufflepuff Coloring Pages

Kids Activities Blog 10/17 11:56P Monica S
So you ve been sorted into Hufflepuff house, founded by Helga Hufflepuff. Yay! These Harry Potter Hufflepuff coloring pages are perfect for those who are Just and Loyal: ‘You might belong in Hufflepuff,Where they are just and loyal,Those patient...
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