Kid Activities

You Won’t Believe How He Cleared Snow Out Of His Driveway! [Video]

Kids Activities Blog 5/8 6:30A Mary Malcolm
Trying to get to work after a big snow can be a pain in the patoot, but this person came up with an absolutely genius way to clear the snow out of his driveway! I mean, you have to work with what you have. I couldn t stop cracking up when I...

This Mom Created A Remote Learning Space For Her Kids And It Is Genius

Kids Activities Blog 5/8 4:00A Liz Hall
Whether you need a remote learning space, the perfect spot for homework or just a kids cubicle, these simple tri fold board ideas for creating the best kids work space will inspire you! Giving kids their own spot for learning and homework can...

12 Fun DIY Fidget Toys for Kids

Kids Activities Blog 5/8 3:00A Liz
Let s talk DIY fidget toys that you can make at home. When you think of Sensory fidget toys, you might just think of the ever-popular fidget spinner, but there are a lot of really great fidget toys that can help expend nervous energy in little...

Animal Camouflage Frog Scavenger Hunt [Free Printable]

Kids Activities Blog 5/7 4:00P Kim
Animal camouflage is nature s way to protect and hide creatures from predators. Kids love a good scavenger hunt so I created a camouflage frog hunt to help my daughter understand how an animal s coloring can help him hide in his surroundings and...

Free Walt Disney World Planner Printables

Modern Mom Life 5/7 9:27A Michelle Hancock
Behold the ultimate Disney World Bucket List and Disney countdown printable bundle. If a trip to Walt Disney World is in your future, download these Disney World planner printables before you head out. It will save you time planning your time...

Strawberry Shortcake Sliders

Kids Activities Blog 5/7 4:00A Holly
Update: This post was updated May, 2021 with new photos, recipe card, and additional information for the reader. Take traditional strawberry shortcake up a notch with this dessert recipe. With moist and tender shortcake bottoms and tops, they are...

Mother’s Day Construction Paper Flower Bouquet Kids Can Make

Kids Activities Blog 5/7 3:00A Melissa
I love this idea for construction paper flowers kids can make to create a homemade Mother s Day bouquet! I love how this simple craft using construction paper, craft sticks, glue, ribbon and tape can create these homemade paper flowers perfect as...

How To Draw a Cow

Kids Activities Blog 5/7 2:30A Monica S
Moo! Do you want to learn how to draw a cow? If your kids love drawing farm animals, then this cow drawing tutorial is perfect for them. Just download and print our 3-page step-by-step cow sketch tutorial, follow the steps, and you ll have a cute...

30 Genius Mom Hacks You Should Know

Kids Activities Blog 5/7 2:00A Rachel
Mom hacks. Moms, we all have tips that have rocked our worlds with their simplicity and usefulness .these are the best mom hacks! Here are just a few of the tips we have discovered after a call out on our Facebook page the amount of genius in the...

These Scaredy Cats Are Fighting Their Own Shadows! [Video]

Kids Activities Blog 5/6 6:30A Mary Malcolm
Cats are ferociously brave. When it comes to epic battles it s hard to stand tall when the enemy is within. These cats see their shadows and attack in the cutest ways possible. Scaredy Cats Video These took on their shadows in a battle that couldn...

How to Make A Family Handprint Keepsake

Kids Activities Blog 5/6 3:00A Tara Guzman
Today we are making handprint art with the entire family including the pets! {Giggle} I love the idea of making a moment memory of everyone s handprints in one cool piece of keepsake art. Choose which handprint art idea fits your family the best!...

25 Fun Hot Breakfast Ideas Kids Love

Kids Activities Blog 5/6 1:00A Rachel
I don t think there is anything better than a good hot breakfast. These easy and yummy yep, even FUN hot breakfast ideas will help you get out of a rut and give you smart solutions for breakfast buffet ideas, healthy breakfast ideas, creative...

The Most Incredible Kids Themed Bedrooms

Kids Activities Blog 5/5 8:00A Brittanie
Whether you are decorating a nursery or catering to your child s interests, decorating a child s room is so much fun. In fact, I think it s one of the funnest things about having kids. With that being said, if you are looking for some inspiration...
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