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Spooky Fog Drinks for a Halloween Party

Kids Activities Blog 10/22 1:00A Kim
A Halloween party drink should be a little eerie and a whole lot of fun. That s what makes these foggy beverages the perfect spooky Halloween drink for kids. Spooky Fog Drinks for a Halloween Party You ve got your child s Halloween party planned....

When Your Child’s Friend is Not a Good Influence

Kids Activities Blog 10/21 5:00P Becky Mansfield
It can be so hard when your child s friend is not a good influence. Having good friends is so important. This week, on our Facebook page, we received this question: How can I get my son to stop hanging out with a little boy who isn t a good...

Turkey Pudding Cups

Kids Activities Blog 10/21 9:04A Brittanie
These Turkey Puddings are a fun dessert idea to display on a Thanksgiving table. Plus, they are so easy to make, kids can help too! Pudding cups like these make the perfect holiday treat because they are inexpensive to make and best part they are...

Halloween Ideas for Kids

Kids Activities Blog 10/21 1:00A Cynthia
Kids Nothing is more fun than a good-natured Halloween scare! Whether you are planning a party at home or for school, these Halloween ideas for kids are the perfect way to get spooky! Halloween Ideas for Kids This post contains affiliate links....

R2D2 Trash Can

Kids Activities Blog 10/20 1:00A Rachel
R2D2 Trash Can *Alternately Titled: How I got my son to clean up his paper bits.* My son enjoys Star Wars. His father got the boys hooked on it when I was on a trip to Ethiopia. They quote large portions of it to each other over the dinner table....

How to Stop, Smell the Roses and Just Be Thankful

North Texas Kids 10/19 3:05A NTKids
How to Feel Thankful and Appreciate What You Have Do you ever wonder why it sometimes feels so hard to “stop and smell the roses” on the pathway of life? Many people find themselves wishing for ...

5 Mid-Week Potluck Recipes

Kids Activities Blog 10/19 1:00A Chris
It s about that time of the week we need a little pick-me-up! So today on Family Food Live, we shared 5 Mid-Week Potluck Recipes. These recipes don t really go together, but are 5 recipes that are a little mysterious in nature. You will love...

You Can Stay Overnight in Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse

Kids Activities Blog 10/18 10:24A Brittanie
Talk about best slumber party ever! You Can Now Stay in Barbie s Malibu Dreamhouse Overnight and you ll want to get ready to score the overnight stay for your daughter and all her friends! The Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse is currently on Airbnb and...

How to Make Toilet Roll Ninjas – Frugal Fun For Kids

Kids Activities Blog 10/18 1:00A Michelle McInerney MollyMoo
My daughter and I had SO MUCH FUN making ninjas out of toilet rolls and straws this evening! So quick and easy to make these toilet roll ninjas, with their mad sensei skills, are a perfect after school, weekend or playdate craft for boys and...

New Study Says 95% of Tested Baby Foods in the US Contain Toxic Metals

Kids Activities Blog 10/17 4:23P Brittanie
As a mom with a baby eating baby food, this information is quite scary and disheartening A New Study Says 95% of Tested Baby Foods in the US Contain Toxic Metals and it something worth knowing about and sharing with other parents. A new study...

20 Easy Halloween Cookie Ideas that Use Prepared Dough

Kids Activities Blog 10/17 7:00A Holly
I find that sometimes holiday celebrations become a burden because it adds so much extra stuff to my to-do list. It isn t that I don t WANT to do it all, I just don t have the energy! Looking for shortcuts is a great way to lighten the load. One...
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