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Admission To Every National Park Is Free This Sunday

Kids Activities Blog 8/21 9:32A Brittanie
Have you been trying to decide what to do this upcoming weekend with the family? Say no more! Plan a trip to your nearest National Park because Admission To Every National Park Is Free This Sunday! The amazing deal is in honor of National Park...

5 Fantastic Fall Side Dishes!

Kids Activities Blog 8/21 7:00A Chris
Fall food is the best food! Snuggle up with a book in front of the fire, and one of these yummy 5 Fantastic Fall Side Dishes for a yummy snack. 5 Fantastic Fall Side Dishes! This post contains affiliate links. Cooler weather is the best time to...

People Say You Shouldn’t Buy Your Milk from Costco

Kids Activities Blog 8/21 6:13A Brittanie
I love Costco and how I can save a ton of money by shopping in bulk for a family of 5. However, I just found out that People Say You Shouldn t Buy Your Milk from Costco and I have to say, the reason makes sense. RELATED READ: COSTCO JUST LAUNCHED...

Rainbow Sponge Painting

Kids Activities Blog 8/21 1:00A Chrissy
There is something just so magical about rainbows! Capture the essence of lazy summer days, and the thrill of spring with a fun Rainbow Sponge Painting project! Sponge Painting Ideas for Kids This post contains affiliate links. Painting in...

5 Easy Desserts for Fall

Kids Activities Blog 8/20 7:00A Chris
I love fall for all of the fun ingredients that come alive this time of year including all those yummy treats like these 5 Easy Desserts for Fall! Easy to Make Fall Desserts This post contains affiliate links. Do you love this time of year because...

15 Incredible Playdough Recipes

Kids Activities Blog 8/20 1:00A Liz
These playdough recipes are simply amazing! Some of them smell delicious, some of them look gorgeous, and some you can even eat! If you haven t made your own playdough yet, you ve got to try one of these. We found these and so many other great...

Sometimes…Your Kids Need You

Kids Activities Blog 8/20 12:00A Becky Mansfield
Your kids need you. The other night, I was sound asleep in my bed when I heard that sound that makes you jump to your feet: Mom? Moooommmmmm . I went into our daughter s room to find her hiding under her blankets, scared from whatever nightmare...

Art&Seek Jr: Remedies For The Back-To-School Blues

Art&Seek Jr 8/19 8:50P Therese Powell
A crazy thing has happened  in our house. My daughter, who was just a tiny baby in my arms a few weeks ago, has started high school. Okay, I ll concede maybe it s been longer than a few weeks since...

An Interview With A Belle of a Princess

Dallas Children's Theater Blog 8/19 11:07A DCT-Staff
Alyssa Cavazos will play Belle in our upcoming production of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, so we sat down with her to talk about her love of the character and why she’s proud to act at DCT. What did...

Back-to-School Snacks

Kids Activities Blog 8/19 7:00A Rachel
Are your kids famished when they come home after school? Back-to-school snacks are such an important part of our routine, and a fun way to liven up their lunchbox! Back-to-School Snacks School book sandwiches are so fun! Add them to your kids...

20 Delicious Fall Slow Cooker Recipes

Kids Activities Blog 8/19 1:00A Carla Wiking
After a long summer of salads, savor the best autumn flavors with these easy fall slow cooker recipes! Easy Fall Slow Cooker Recipes This post contains affiliate links. Slow cooker meals are the best, because they are a simple way to cook even on...

Kids Toasted Trail Mix!

Kids Activities Blog 8/18 7:00A Chris
I am always looking for a new trail mix recipe for the family. Trail mix or snack mix is perfect for the lunchbox, or as an after school pick-me-up! I recently found this Kids Toasted Trail Mix recipe and fell in love! It gives you the perfect mix...

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Getting Fit

Kids Activities Blog 8/18 1:00A Carla Wiking
These five tips are sure to help moms get fit. For busy moms, not having time to exercise is more than an excuse, it s a reality. It takes some serious dedication, flexibility, and multi-tasking to get fit and raise a family. But, that doesn t...
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