Kid Activities

After Too Much Aggressive Playing, Big Dog Shuts Little Dog Down [Video]

Kids Activities Blog 1/15 5:30A Mary Malcolm
Having a smaller sibling is great, but sometimes it can be exhausting. While you re ready to settle down, relax a little maybe, the littler always seems to get their second wind. It s true with kids, and apparently it s true with dogs. In this...

How You May Be Ruining Your Child’s Love Of Reading

Kids Activities Blog 1/15 4:00A Hillary
We want our kids to love books, embrace reading and get excited about the written word! But what you might not realize is that you could be sabotaging your child s love of reading. Reading to children when they are young has consistently been...

Unicorn Zentangle {Relaxing Coloring Page}

Kids Activities Blog 1/15 2:11A Monica S
Two of our most popular coloring page themes came together with unicorn + zentangle = 1 awesome unicorn zentangle coloring page! Zentangles You may be wondering what is zentangle art? Well, zentangles are similar to doodle art: they’re a relaxing...

LEGO Pocket Case

Kids Activities Blog 1/15 2:00A Rachel
Legos are the perfect toy. My kids can play with them for hours. Every time they can create a new and different world. As the kids have gotten older there is more waiting in our weeks, waiting for siblings, waiting for sports, waiting in the car...

DIY Valentine’s Day Dessert Charcuterie Board

Modern Mom Life 1/14 10:23P Michelle Hancock
Don t miss the opportunity to wow others with this adorable Valentine s Day Dessert Charcuterie Board. This spectacular DIY centerpiece will impress everyone who lays their eyes upon it. It will get the conversations started. Get creative and...

Hot Cocoa Cookies

Kids Activities Blog 1/14 2:44P Kristen Yard
The only thing better than a steaming cup of hot chocolate, is biting into gooey hot cocoa cookies! Hot Cocoa Cookies Ingredients Most of these ingredients are pantry staples, making this a fun recipe to make on a whim on a chilly day! To Make...

Daughters Burst Into Tears When Mom Surprises Them With New Baby [Video]

Kids Activities Blog 1/14 5:30A Mary Malcolm
Some of us know what we want our family to look like long before it is formed. We know how many children we want, how far apart we want them to be in age, and some even know whether they want boys, girls, or both. For Shane and Kasi Pruitt, they...

These Bath Bombs Can Help Your Sick Baby Breathe Better

Kids Activities Blog 1/14 4:00A Brittanie
Baby bath bombs to help baby breathe better. Sooooo important! We all know it s cold and flu season and the last thing we want is for our kids to get sick. However, sometimes it just happens. The worst part is, stuffy little noses that make it...

Dairy Queen Released A Cherry Dipped Cone

Kids Activities Blog 1/14 3:00A Brittanie
Mmmm Dairy Queen Cherry Dipped Cone! If it is red and edible, my kids will probably eat it. Red usually is some sort of berry flavor and I think kids love just about any flavored berry food, right? Well, you should probably know that Dairy Queen...

Baby Shark Valentine Coloring Pages

Kids Activities Blog 1/14 1:38A Monica S
Did someone say Baby Shark Valentine coloring pages?! We sure love Baby Shark doo doo doo doo so we made some more Baby Shark coloring pages just for Valentines Day! To celebrate Valentine s Day, we have adorable Baby Shark Valentine coloring...

Puppy coloring pages

Kids Activities Blog 1/13 2:59P Monica S
Today we have free puppy coloring pages to give to your little one! Coloring pictures for kids is the perfect thing to do for those days when you want creative ways to keep your preschooler engaged in a creative activity that builds motor skills...

Brooklyn Cat Cafe Employs Rats To Help Raise The Kittens [Video]

Kids Activities Blog 1/13 5:00A Mary Malcolm
RATS and cats aren’t famous for their strong friendship. Yet, this New York cafe en tails peace and harmony between the furry animals. The Brooklyn Cat Cafe located on Atlantic Avenue has recruited two rodents, Emile and Remy, to help care for...

DIY Unwinding Pillow Spray

Kids Activities Blog 1/13 4:00A Liz
I love making this unwinding pillow spray to help me relax at night. My kids really love it, too! It s incredibly easy to make and the oil we chose is really soothing. This goes really great with our bath melts! This would be a really great gift...

Costco Is Permanently Closing All Photo Centers Next Month

Kids Activities Blog 1/13 3:31A Brittanie
I have to say, I am not surprised I just found out that Costco Is Permanently Closing All Their Photo Centers Next Month! Being that we live in a digital era where all our photos can be uploaded, downloaded and saved to the cloud, we don t need...

{Hilarious} Kids Game Toca Kitchen 2

Kids Activities Blog 1/13 3:00A Rachel
Kids games it seems I find my kids playing online games non-stop, especially games that are hilarious and make them laugh. The newest app from Toca is sure to make your kids giggle hysterically. It is all about playing and experimenting with food...
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