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Sew Your Own Christmas Stocking with Christmas Stocking Template

Kids Activities Blog 11/27 6:45P Trixi Symonds
Today we have a great first sewing project for kids to make their own Kids Christmas stocking using our printable Stocking Template Pattern. This pattern for Christmas stockings to make work for kids of all ages and have good results even with low...

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament Craft for Kids {Giggle}

Kids Activities Blog 11/27 6:45P Melissa
Kids of all ages will love competing to see who can create the ugliest Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament! Perfect for holiday parties, school, or home, this simple ugly Christmas sweater craft uses simple craft supplies, can be customized as a...

Printable Christmas Activities Pack for Preschool & Kindergarten

Kids Activities Blog 11/27 6:45P Holly
Make Christmas a time for festive fun and learning with this printable Christmas Activity Packet created for pre-K, preschool and Kindergartners in mind. Not only is this activity packet Christmas themed and full of preschool Christmas...

Science Says December Babies Are The Best

Kids Activities Blog 11/27 6:44P Brittanie
I can t think of a better way to celebrate the holidays than with a new baby in tow. After all, a new baby does seem to be the ultimate holiday gift. And now my feelings are validated because Science Says December Babies Are The Best and I have...

DIY LEGO Storage Pick Up & Play Mat

Kids Activities Blog 11/27 6:44P Holly
Today we are featuring our original LEGO mat for LEGO play and LEGO storage written before these were available to buy. I have updated it with some of the amazing LEGO storage bag and LEGO mat options that are now available enjoy! DIY LEGO...

Christmas Elf on the Shelf Yoga Idea

Kids Activities Blog 11/27 6:43P staff
This is a super easy Elf on the Shelf idea with a free printable full of different yoga poses that your kids can do and that you can use as Elf on the Shelf props. Help the Elf on the Elf get into these fun yoga poses as they wait for Christmas...

Nella The Princess Knight Mirror Craft With Free Printable

Kids Activities Blog 11/27 6:42P Arena
This Nella the Princess Knight mirror craft with free printable is a fun and creative way to encourage our girls to be their own kind of hero when in need how to turn a mirror into a “Nella the Princess Knight” reminder of greatness. Nella The...

Fast & Low-Mess Cupcake Liner Jelly Fish Craft

Kids Activities Blog 11/27 6:41P Arena
How cute is this jellyfish craft? This jelly craft fish uses cupcake liners, is low-mess, and super easy to make. Perfect for kids of all ages especially: toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids. It is a budget-friendly craft that is...

25 Favorite Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

Kids Activities Blog 11/27 6:41P Jodi Durr
We gathered the easiest, tastiest, and best healthy crockpot recipes we think your family will love. If you need a quick healthy meal with simple ingredients the easy way is to use a crockpot! These slow-cooker recipes filled with healthy...

Incredible Man Saves Drowning Prairie Dog By Performing CPR [Video]

Kids Activities Blog 11/26 7:47P Mary Malcolm
No one wants to see an animal suffer. And one of the quickest ways to make pretty much anyone super sad is to see an animal dying who didn t have to. That s exactly what this repair man faced when he saw a prairie dog who was drowning in a pool....

20 Beautiful Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make

Kids Activities Blog 11/26 7:47P Carla Wiking
These art gifts kids can make are easy, fun, and really cute homemade gifts for a family member, teacher or friend. If you are looking for the perfect gift, we have great ideas for the most wonderful gift a handmade gift by kids. These homemade...

27 Best Preschool Christmas Crafts for Kids

Kids Activities Blog 11/26 7:46P Rachel
We have gathered the best kids Christmas crafts for preschoolers and toddlers. These easy Christmas crafts are fun to make and use craft supplies that are already in your closet. From making Christmas trees, ornaments, Santa, Rudolph and so many...

24 Playful Baby Development Activities

Kids Activities Blog 11/26 7:45P Rachel
Baby development activities are actually a fancy way of saying play activities for infants! Babies learn through play and you can help your baby develop coordination and skills by assisting their exploration and play. These fun developmental...

Pom Pom Soap Craft

Kids Activities Blog 11/26 7:45P Arena
This soap craft is filled with sparkly pom poms and super easy to do. Kids of all ages can make their own colorful and sparkly soap with this easy soap craft. It s a great way to get them to want to wash their hands more! This is great for all...
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