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Helpful Dog Cleans Plates In Dishwasher [Video]

Kids Activities Blog 3/7 5:30A Mary Malcolm
Begging dogs are the worst. And we ve all known one or three. They re the dogs that stare up at us at mealtime, waiting for us to drop one tiny bit of food. This dog though? This dog knows how much we hate begging and has come up with her own...

How To Draw a Dinosaur – Printable Tutorial for Beginners

Kids Activities Blog 3/7 5:00A Monica S
It s time to learn how to draw a dinosaur and we ve got your back with our simple printable step by step instructions! Kids who love dinosaurs will have an awesome time learning how to draw a dinosaur and then coloring it too! Our free dinosaur...

Preschool Letter N Book List

Kids Activities Blog 3/7 3:38A Cheslyn Garland
Nearly there! The end of learning the alphabet is approaching! This letter N book list will help carry you through the letter of the week. Never fear! Your list, is here! We found some books that start with the Letter N, and some other letter N...

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts for Kids to Make

Kids Activities Blog 3/7 3:00A Holly
There s nothing quite as special as a handmade Mother s Day gift! That s why we adore these DIY Mother s Day Gifts for Kids to Make! From handprint cards to painted tea towels, we have found the sweetest handmade gifts. DIY Mother s Day Gifts for...

How To Make Beaded Wind Chimes

Kids Activities Blog 3/7 2:00A Tonya Staab
Have you wondered how to make beaded wind chimes? We are showing you how including beads to use and where to buy metal chimes. The post How To Make Beaded Wind Chimes appeared first on Kids Activities Blog .

Top 12 Free Easter Activities for Kids

Kids Activities Blog 3/6 3:00P Becky Mansfield
These free Easter activities for kids require little to no preparation and will keep little hands busy during spring break! I hope that you find some that you love. Free Easter Activities for Kids So long, winter! It is time for some Easter...

The Easiest Air Fryer Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Kids Activities Blog 3/6 7:31A Kristen Yard
There are so many yummy timesaving recipes that you can make with an Air Fryer like these delicious Air Fryer chocolate chip cookies! When I first heard about Air Fryers, I was intrigued, but also scared. Not exactly sure WHY worried I would...

Is That a Bear Rolling Down a Hill? [Video]

Kids Activities Blog 3/6 5:30A Holly
My kids are a bit obsessed by all-things bear. I think it might be because they see bears as a lot like them. Bears are curious creatures that like to play. And they just look so cuddly and fun to be around if you overlook the whole human as food...

3 Signs That Mom Needs a Break

Kids Activities Blog 3/6 3:00A Becky Mansfield
Friends, I m not going to lie I am ready for a break. This mom needs a break. I love being busy, I really do, but there comes a point where mom needs a break! There is no shame in recognizing the signs of mom exhaustion. I m sure you ve been here...

Preschool Letter M Books

Kids Activities Blog 3/6 2:46A Cheslyn Garland
Halfway through the alphabet! Isn t that exciting? This list of letter M books is sure to help you get over the hump! After this, it is all smooth sailing! We found some books that start with the Letter M, and some other letter M books! These...

5 Memorial Day Recipes to Kick Off Summer!

Kids Activities Blog 3/6 2:00A Chris
The unofficial kick-off to the summer season is upon us can you believe it? It is time to break out your best Memorial Day Recipes and start planning your Memorial Day menu. This post contains affiliate links. Memorial Day Recipes Memorial day is...

Archaeopteryx Coloring Pages

Kids Activities Blog 3/5 5:00A Monica S
What s cooler than dinosaur coloring pages? Dinosaur with wings coloring pages! Today we are coloring archaeopteryx coloring pages, so grab your favorite crayons and colored pencils! This printable set includes two archaeopteryx coloring pages,...

The Sweetest Squeak: Baby Pandas Born! [Video]

Kids Activities Blog 3/5 4:25A Holly
My kids are obsessed with Pandas. In fact, we even have a dog named Panda. So, you can imagine the excitement over the two new Panda cubs at the Smithsonian Zoo. The incredible thing is their tiny, tiny size and the sweetest squeak! Watch their...


Kids Activities Blog 3/5 3:00A Monica S
Today we have easy zentangle patterns to color that are perfect for kids or adults who are looking for a beginner, simpler zentangle pattern to tackle. Zentangles are a relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured...
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