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Back to School Food Essentials that all Families Need

Modern Mom Life 9/24 6:44A Michelle Hancock
This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. Back to school season is in full swing and another busy chapter in parenting is among The post Back to School Food Essentials that all Families Need appeared first on Modern Mom Life .

How to Make Dipped Candles at Home with Kids

Kids Activities Blog 9/24 3:00A Heather
I always assumed that candle dipping (making dipped candles) was too complicated or messy to do at home. But it is easy! This year we decided to try making dipped candles together to use for our Thanksgiving table. This is a great DIY candle...

Creepy Halloween Eyeball Lantern

Kids Activities Blog 9/24 2:45A Brittanie
This Halloween Eyeball Lantern is creepy and cool looking. You only need 7 supplies and it s made with dollar store supplies making it budget-friendly too! Sometimes the best holiday decorations are the ones you and your kids make yourself....

12 Letter X Crafts & Activities

Kids Activities Blog 9/24 2:45A Arena
Let s start with Letter X crafts! Xylophone, x-ray, x-ray fish, xenops, xiaosaurus, xiphias, and xiphodon, are all fun letter X words. Now it s time for some Letter X Activities! These are easy and fun, with tons of different ways to make x-rays...

Make It! Halloween Banana Pops Treats

Kids Activities Blog 9/24 1:20A Allie
Kids can t wait to make Halloween Banana Pops Treats! My kids devoured this Halloween themed snack in no time flat. Good thing they are a healthy Halloween snack with a frozen banana as a main ingredient. If your kids like bananas like mine do,...

Human Dominoes Topple Over One By One! [Video]

Kids Activities Blog 9/23 6:30A Mary Malcolm
As a kid, one of my favorite things was to stack dominoes and watch them topple over. As an adult, I m still fascinated watching how one piece can cause such a large chain reaction. In New Orleans, 850 people came together to set off a chain...

13 Easy & Cute DIY Halloween Costumes for Baby

Kids Activities Blog 9/23 5:45A Carla Wiking
These simple homemade baby Halloween costumes are the perfect way to celebrate baby s first Halloween! Making a DIY costume for baby doesn t have to be complicated and many of these cute costume ideas don t require DIY skills! Babies might be too...

Pasta Art is the Perfect Messy Art Project for Preschoolers

Kids Activities Blog 9/23 4:22A Quirky Momma
Pasta art is the perfect messy art project for preschool-age kids. Let them create art and experiment with dried and cooked pasta. The post Pasta Art is the Perfect Messy Art Project for Preschoolers appeared first on Kids Activities Blog .

How to Make Soap at Home for Halloween

Kids Activities Blog 9/23 4:15A Jennie Harless
Have you always wanted to learn how to make soap at home? Then, you’re in the right place! With 3 items you can easily make these little Halloween soaps filled with toy spiders and even creepy eyeballs. This is actually a great alternative for...

10 Fun Facts About Johnny Appleseed with Printout Coloring Page for Kids

Kids Activities Blog 9/23 1:32A Monica S
Let s learn more about the story of Johnny Appleseed with these Johnny Appleseed facts printout and coloring page great for kids of all ages at home or in the classroom. If you have ever wondered is Johnny Appleseed real? then download and print...

The Best Halloween Baby Names

Kids Activities Blog 9/22 2:16P Brittanie
Halloween is near and if you re expecting in September or October or perhaps you just love Halloween, you may be looking for a Halloween Inspired Baby Name for your new little bundle of joy. Well, look no further because we ve gathered The Best...

Here Are The Most Popular Names From Around The World [Video]

Kids Activities Blog 9/22 6:30A Mary Malcolm
Growing up my class had more Jennifer s than any other name. I remember being so jealous that my name was Mary and not Jennifer. Mostly because the Jennifer s all seemed to get along. It was that recognition that came from having the same name....
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