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What family preservation looks like in Haiti

Rage Against the Minivan 10/18 9:56A (Kristen How
When we set out to adopt from Haiti, the ethics of the organization we would work with was a top concern. I believe in family preservation, and I did not want to adopt a child who was removed from...

Wednesday's Child: Tommy

Rage Against the Minivan 10/18 9:00A (lunareece)
Every Wednesday I feature a child recently highlighted by a local Wednesday's Child newscast to share the stories of children from around the country who are waiting for a family. My hope is that this can broaden exposure for the children...

Style Watch: Rucksacks Are The New Backpacks

Design Mom 10/18 5:00A Audrey Moore
A few years ago, Ben Blair and I took a trip to Sweden . We loved it. And we brought home a couple of Swedish-made souvenirs that we still use today. One of them is a Sandqvist backpack (pictured...

Postpartum Anxiety: She Wasn’t Sick, But I Am

Pregnant Chicken 10/18 4:32A Jessyka Gagnon
She is going to get a cold and there will be nothing you can do. She is going to end up in the hospital... The post Postpartum Anxiety: She Wasn t Sick, But I Am appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

Living With Kids: Ashleigh Miller

Design Mom 10/17 7:33A Josh Bingham
The reason I love this series so much is I ve always been a bit obsessed to peek into peoples lives and see how they live. I m the kind of person who has been known to go to an open house in the...

54 of the Greatest Family Halloween Costumes Ever

Mommy Shorts 10/17 5:36A Allie Isnardi
This year, Mazzy is going as Mal again . Don t worry, it s way different than last year because she is going as Mal from Descendants 2 instead of Descendants 1. What s the difference, you ask? I asked...

The Continuing Saga of Kindergarten Drop-Off

Mommy Shorts 10/17 3:55A Mommy Shorts
I feel like every other post is about kindergarten drop-off, but if you have a kid with separation anxiety, you probably understand why. It s how you start every single day! This post was actually...


Rage Against the Minivan 10/16 8:47P (Kristen How
This is our hair episode. We talk all things follicular, from going gray to the best flat iron to whether or not those hair pills really work. Plus, body positivity – we’re positively conflicted about it. We love the movement and yet . . . we...

Me Too.

Design Mom 10/16 7:59A Design Mom
Did you see the #metoo hashtag? Or see the Me, too status updates? Maybe you watched in horror, surprised at how universal the problem is. Maybe you added a #metoo, and could name 100 women in your...

5 Skills You Can Look Forward to Gaining as a New Parent

Pregnant Chicken 10/16 5:15A Cat Gordon
I ll be really quick, my friend says to us as she steps into a shower stall. It’s the peak of summer at a family... The post 5 Skills You Can Look Forward to Gaining as a New Parent appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

Swag Box

Pregnant Chicken 10/16 4:57A Amy Morrison
I m headed off to the ABC Expo to check out the exciting new baby, kid and pregnancy products. I m going to pull together some... The post Swag Box appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

The Boarding House by The Pioneer Woman

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond 10/16 1:14A The Pioneer Woman
Work has been moving along on the two smaller buildings down the street from The Merc, particularly in the building I m now calling a boarding house, because hotel just doesn t seem like the right...

Egg Donation: What’s It Like to Donate Your Eggs?

Pregnant Chicken 10/15 1:29A pregnantchicken
The nurse kept draping blankets over me until, from ankles to collar bones, I was completely covered. Well, except for the one square foot... The post Egg Donation: What s It Like to Donate Your Eggs? appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

A Few Things

Design Mom 10/13 7:30P Design Mom
Dang. This week. It started for me in Vermont (which was so good! a report is coming!), and by the time I got home Well, everything was horrible. Specifically: California is burning. And it s...

Friday Finds

Rage Against the Minivan 10/13 3:00P (lunareece)
1. Bauble Bar Pinata Tassel Earrings | Nordstrom 2. Max Acrylic Statment Earring | Urban Outfitters 3. Ashira Fringe Earrings Baublebar | Nordstrom 4. Beaded-Coin Hoop-Drop Earrings | Old Navy 5....
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