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27 Amazing Old Images of Breastfeeding Throughout History

Pregnant Chicken 5/7 11:21A Amy Morrison
Who doesn t love a glimpse into the past? These old breastfeeding images from around the world prove that not only is breastfeeding a tale... The post 27 Amazing Old Images of Breastfeeding Throughout History appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

Newsletter: Grandparents Names

Design Mom 5/7 9:50A Design Mom
In my latest newsletter , I wrote about Names for Grandparents. I talked about my Grandma Lucille Pack (pictured above with her young children). Some of the questions on my mind: -How did you/do you...

Tall House Updates

Design Mom 5/6 10:01A Design Mom
It s been another big week on the renovation front and I m feeling so good. The woodwork in Betty s room is now installed. We painted Flora June s bed. Light switches and outlets are on the walls (and...

9 Unique Birth Stories

Pregnant Chicken 5/5 3:52A Emily Ramirez
Who doesn t love a good birth story? When it comes to highlighting just how powerful, brave, and downright incredible humans can be, a good... The post 9 Unique Birth Stories appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

Living With Kids: Hallie Burton

Design Mom 5/4 4:00A Design Mom
Hallie Burton s energy and joy for life is completely contagious. It s refreshing to find someone so equally enamored with her family life, professional life, and the city she calls home. (Ahhh, New...

Slow Cooker Recipe: Rotisserie-Style Whole Chicken

Design Mom 5/3 5:59A Lindsey Johnson
Yay! Another installment in my Slow-Cooker recipe series . And I know you ll love it. Ready for one of the easiest meals ever? Seriously. It s almost as easy as picking up a rotisserie chicken from...

Get Your Own Damn Gift for Mother’s Day

Mommy Shorts 5/3 4:41A Allie Isnardi
I almost didn t do a Mother s Day Guide this year. Mainly because, in my head, it s still several months away and it wasn t until this morning when I was like, OH SHIT. It s next week. I forgot to do...

Newsletter: Wedding Rings

Design Mom 4/29 6:00A Design Mom
My latest newsletter is out and the subject is wedding rings . I tell the story of how I got my wedding rings, and why I almost never wear them. The essay has received so many amazing responses — via...

Tall House Updates: Attic Details & Attic Staircase

Design Mom 4/28 10:19A Design Mom
Getting closer and closer to moving in to the Tall House. The biggest recent project was repairing, prepping and painting the attic stairwell — the wall is two stories high, and curved, and on a...

Living With Kids: Anna Noel

Design Mom 4/27 9:37A Josh Bingham
Anna is an artist, and you can absolutely tell when you look through her beautiful Portland, Oregon home. Fun patterns, bright colors, and lots of art — all used in really thoughtful ways. Anna’s...

Parenting Book Announcement!

Design Mom 4/26 10:28A Design Mom
Some happy news: Ben Blair and I officially have a contract to write a parenting book! We’re still not sure on the title, and it will be published next year. We’re working with Artisan Books and the...

Stay At Home Jobs That Pay Well

Pregnant Chicken 4/26 3:36A Kayla Young
If you re like a lot of parents out there, having a kid may have changed the way you look at your career. The logistics... The post Stay At Home Jobs That Pay Well appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

Tall House Updates: Linseed Oiling the Ceiling Beams

Design Mom 4/22 10:18A Design Mom
Lots of house updates this week — the renovation work is really ramping up as we get closer and closer to moving in. One of the projects we finished last week was cleaning the ancient ceiling beams in...

Making Pet Fashion Fit for a Queen

Mommy Shorts 4/21 3:22P Allie Isnardi
If you ve ever been to someone s house who has tons of pretty lettering on mugs, coasters, and tea towels, that person probably has a Cricut machine . Cricuts are computer controlled cutting machines...
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