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Back to School Shopping and Budgeting with Spruce

Mommy Shorts 8/1 10:43A Mommy Shorts
On the last day of school, summer seems like it stretches out endlessly, with plenty of time to play, swim, and travel. But, as we all know, July comes and goes before you can even blink and then all...

Dear Google, Please Tell Me What to Do With My Newborn All Day

Pregnant Chicken 7/21 8:41A Amy Colleen
I felt silly for doing it, but I couldn t stop myself any longer. During a midnight nursing session, struggling to stay awake and fighting the dread I felt for the day to come, I pulled out my phone and typed in the search bar. What are you...

16 Pregnancy Terms That Sound Like Something They're Not

Pregnant Chicken 7/15 9:00A Emily Ramirez
The English language is full of weird words. Tittynope. Winklepicker. Bibble. If you have the time you can really fall down quite the rabbit hole - and maybe score some points at your next trivia night. But these everyday words don t hold a candle...

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Vacationing With My Baby

Pregnant Chicken 6/21 7:52A Laura Forrest Hopfauf
Before we had our daughter, my husband and I spent close to a year and a half traveling by living out of the back of a pickup truck and backpacks. Even before this once-in-a-lifetime journey, our vacations were adventurous. We hiked across an...
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