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This is What “Late Term” Abortion Looks Like

Mommy Shorts 10/15 7:01A Allie Isnardi
This post was originally shared on Haylie Grammer s Facebook page and is re-posted here with permission. You can follow Haylie on Instagram here .  Hey. It’s me. I have tried for the past few years to...

Tall House Updates

Design Mom 10/15 2:56A Design Mom
In this batch of updates you ll find: -More treasures we found in the house! I m especially excited about the book/scrapbook(?) about WWI. I m also trying to figure out what to do with all that old...

The Senate Hearing is a Sham

Design Mom 10/14 2:26A Design Mom
The senate hearing for Amy Coney Barrett has me on edge. The size and makeup of her family doesn’t impress me, nor does it interest me. I don’t find it qualifying or disqualifying. There are a whole...

Living With Kids: Jo Bird

Design Mom 10/13 12:40A Josh Bingham
Jo and her family started out in Boise, Idaho, lived in London and New York and now find themselves in an expat community in Shanghai, China. Her husband’s work has given them the opportunity to...

Found Objects at The Tall House

Design Mom 10/12 1:23A Design Mom
Over the weekend we cleared out the living room at The Tall House. We have been using the space to house all the cool things we ve found at the house, so I decided to make a record of them as we...

A Few Things

Design Mom 10/9 2:25A Design Mom
Hello, Friends. How are you doing? I woke up so angry again today. Every once in awhile I realize how many people are still supporting Trump and I m furious. Brené Brown shared this quote the other...

A Quick House Update/Blog Experiment

Design Mom 10/7 11:41P Design Mom
Hey there. I subscribed to some new software that will allow me to share the Instagram Stories I ve created here on Design Mom. (I don t think it will allow me to share older stories — just the new...

Celebrating Neve’s 5th Birthday at Home

Mommy Shorts 10/6 11:06A hydoIP_ju93u
Last month, my niece Neve celebrated her 5th birthday. Can you believe she is five already?! I cannot. Since we are still in the middle of a global pandemic, my sister kept the celebration small. They...

Making a Case for the Pro-Life Democrat

Mommy Shorts 10/5 4:28A Allie Isnardi
Amanda Krieger is a longtime follower of mine. When I started discussing what it means to be pro-choice on my blog, she messaged me to explain her point of view. She describes herself as staunchly...

Why I Deleted Social Media Apps From My Phone

Mommy Shorts 9/30 7:26A hydoIP_ju93u
This post was written by  Liz Faria .  I’ve always been a Facebook person. It’s where I go to see what’s going on with my extended family, my friends, and my kids’ schools. It’s how I know whose...

Random Thoughts

Design Mom 9/30 1:00A Design Mom
I hope you’re in the mood for a Random Thoughts post . Here are some of the things on my mind these days. -The Presidential debate happened at about 4:00 AM France time. I woke up to texts about it...

Living With Kids: Jennifer Colello

Design Mom 9/28 11:28P Josh Bingham
When Jennifer reached out to me about being featured in Living With Kids, she had such a compelling story to tell. Jennifer’s youngest has Spina Bifida and her family had the unique experience of...

What it Means to be Pro-Choice

Mommy Shorts 9/25 7:09A Allie Isnardi
The other day, a woman who identified as pro-life left me a direct message about her point of view that government should not be involved in a woman’s decision with what to do with her body. I thanked...
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