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Living With Kids: Bev Weidner

Design Mom 8/21 7:30A Josh Bingham
You probably know Bev Weidner already. Bev runs a hugely popular Instagram account called Bev Cooks , where she shares her love of cooking and parenting, and shares her gorgeous photography too. As you read her interview, you ll find she s...

Happy Times by The Pioneer Woman

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond 8/20 1:34A The Pioneer Woman
Ladd and I got up at the crack of dawn and drove to see Paige Saturday morning. It was sorority bid day, and we wanted to be there for the fun and celebration. She did not pledge the sorority that I...

Stop Telling Me I Can’t Just Because I’m Pregnant

Pregnant Chicken 8/18 5:18A Emily Solberg
I think it’s safe to say that the icky, less-than-glamorous parts of pregnancy have been pretty well documented by now. It’s no longer taboo... The post Stop Telling Me I Can t Just Because I m Pregnant appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

Is Mazzy Aging Out of Summer Day Camp?

Mommy Shorts 8/17 7:23A Mommy Shorts
Every summer, Mazzy has attended a day camp close to our summer house. It s a sports camp with an emphasis on tennis and swimming. While Harlow gave me some issues with going last summer, Mazzy has...

A Few Things

Design Mom 8/17 5:50A Design Mom
Hello, Friends. How are you? I m waving from New York! I flew here on Tuesday and I m flying back to California today. I shot the photo above from my hotel room. Not a bad view. : ) Have you had a...

Color Factory New York City — Photo Tour and Tips

Design Mom 8/16 8:32P Design Mom
On Wednesday, I took my first visit to Color Factory NYC . I had been to the one in San Francisco , and been blown away by what my sister Jordan (and her amazing team) had created. So you can imagine,...

Can You Reset Your Big Kid’s Bedtime Routine?

Mommy Shorts 8/16 8:35A Allie Isnardi
Welcome to my new series— Big Kid Bedtime Problems! Certified sleep consultant Hadley Seward is going to help us sort through our issues. She will be addressing some of the specific sleep problems I...

Food Allergies and the Importance of Early Introduction

Pregnant Chicken 8/16 5:40A Emily Ramirez
When it comes to deciding when and how to introduce solids to your infant, food allergies can complicate things. From discomfort to (in extreme... The post Food Allergies and the Importance of Early Introduction appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

Your Parent’s Favorite Band

Design Mom 8/15 3:45P Design Mom
The other day, I heard Billy Joel s For The Longest Time playing in a store, and had a total flashback to childhood. I was in 3rd or 4th grade and we were on a road trip where my dad played Billy Joe...

Red Nose, Aching Heart by The Pioneer Woman

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond 8/15 7:23A The Pioneer Woman
I posted this photo a few days ago. Ladd took the pic when I was hugging Paige goodbye after we d gotten her all moved in at college. It was wonderful and difficult, happy and bittersweet. I ve had a...

Why the F!@# Didn’t Anybody Tell Me a C-Section Was Like This?!

Pregnant Chicken 8/15 3:39A Sarah Vezolles
I had an unplanned caesarean with my first child. Even though I had read up on caesarean delivery, the material was delivered in a... The post Why the F!@# Didn’t Anybody Tell Me a C-Section Was Like This?! appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

The Best Way To Run Errands When You Don’t Have A Car

Design Mom 8/14 7:00A Design Mom
This post is sponsored by Uber . - Uber asked me to try their new service, Express POOL. Have you heard of it? I had seen the Express POOL option in the app, but didn t know anything about it, so I...

Living With Kids: Shelly Nupp

Design Mom 8/14 4:01A Josh Bingham
Do you ever get an itch to spruce up a space in your home, but you get frustrated because everything you want just seems too outside your budget? Well you are going to love meeting Shelly. She and her...
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