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Can We Still Read Dr. Seuss to Our Kids?

Mommy Shorts 3/4 6:44A Allie Isnardi
These are the Dr. Seuss books I currently have on my kids’ bookshelf. A book about protecting the environment, a book about respecting people no matter how small they are, and a book about trying and...

Living With Kids: Melissa Clark

Design Mom 3/2 12:32A Josh Bingham
Melissa and her wife reached out to share their beautiful home in the Living With Kids series and we re so lucky she did. Their home is charming — bright open windows, beautiful pieces throughout, and...

Dessert For Two: Mini Carrot Cake

Design Mom 3/1 4:45A Lindsey Johnson
Could this Mini Carrot Cake be any cuter? No. No it could not. And it s arriving at just the right moment — waiting for Spring Holidays seems like the ideal time for a carrot-based treat. Yes, the...

The Changing NYC Skyline

Mommy Shorts 2/26 10:14A Allie Isnardi
I show my view so much on my Instagram stories, I thought I’d share more about it here. Particularly since I’ve read a few articles recently about how much New Yorkers hate 432 Park Avenue. See the...

A Few Things

Design Mom 2/26 8:34A Design Mom
Hello, Friends. How are you? How has your week been? Since the kids are out of school this week, we have been using our mornings to explore off-the-beaten-path Normandy — and doing a lot of baking....

Tall House Updates

Design Mom 2/25 8:00A Design Mom
Here s the latest happenings at the Tall House. First up, a couple of weeks ago I shared floor plans . I also invited Q&A about the floorplans: As a continuation of the floor plan discussion, I also...

21 Teachers Who Are Doing Extra Credit During the Pandemic

Mommy Shorts 2/25 5:43A Allie Isnardi
Over the last year, there have been a lot of viral stories about teachers who have gone above and beyond. The first one I remember was the story attached to the photo above, about a teacher who saw...

The Definitive Guide to the Best Nicknames

Design Mom 2/24 3:30A Design Mom
My wonderful mother-in-law, Julia Blair, gave extravagant nicknames to her children. Ben s is: Benjerbomboom. His siblings (or maybe it was the neighborhood kids) gave him another one:...

Living With Kids: Katy Regnier

Design Mom 2/23 5:30A Design Mom
There are houses that scream THREE CHILDREN LIVE HERE! as soon as you walk through the door and over a small pile of plastic joy, and there are houses that whisper Three children live here, and leave...

Saying Goodbye to the One on the Left

Mommy Shorts 2/22 5:13A Mommy Shorts
One my favorite places in NYC is a little Indian restaurant on 1st Avenue and E. 6th Street called Milon Bangladesh. I have been going there for the past 20 years, ever since my mom introduced me to...

Salt Dough Easter Eggs DIY

Design Mom 2/22 3:00A Amy Christie
Easter is on its way and I am very much looking forward to it. I m ready for the bright colors, the pastels, and anything with spring green. And I am helping it along with the bright tones of these...
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