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Living With Kids: Amy Branger

Design Mom 1/28 3:02A Josh Bingham
I really loved getting to know Amy this week and I think you will too. She is a newly-separated Mom of an almost-grown daughter and recently moved to a stunning little apartment in Boston. She speaks...

Quiz: Are You Ready to Have Kids?

Pregnant Chicken 1/23 7:34A Kayla Young
So, you’ve started toying with the idea of becoming a parent. Exciting! Terrifying! Thought-provoking! To help those of you who may be wondering if... The post Quiz: Are You Ready to Have Kids? appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

Low Stakes, High Frequency

Design Mom 1/22 9:30P Design Mom
My brother-in-law, Jim Blair, has a theory about how people become really good at a new skill, a theory that he refers to as Low Stakes, High Frequency. When he explained it to me, I found it really...

Mommy Shorts Squad hits 100K

Mommy Shorts 1/21 10:49A Allie Isnardi
Remember five years ago when I started @insta2yearold on Instagram? Since then, so much has changed. I mean, for starters, Harlow turned seven and I lost interest in talking from the perspective of a...

Living With Kids: Catherine Leavitt

Design Mom 1/21 1:26A Josh Bingham
Catherine has been such a joy to get to know and to work with as we ve pulled this home tour together. She s lived the kind of exciting life I m always a bit envious of — she spent her 20s working in...

Our Favorite Books about Martin Luther King Jr.

Mommy Shorts 1/20 2:51P Mommy Shorts
Harlow’s school has a big focus on Martin Luther King Jr. in kindergarten through 1st grade. So, Harlow, who is a human sponge and takes school very seriously, has spent the past few years learning...

A Few Things

Design Mom 1/17 4:23A Design Mom
Hello, Friends? How are you? What has been going on with you? At the Blair house, we are about to enjoy a very low-key weekend, and I am here for it. Maybe I ll start thinking about what to wear to...

23 Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnant Chicken 1/16 4:29A Kayla Young
While a missed period seems to be one of the most classic early pregnancy symptoms, there are actually a ton of other signs that... The post 23 Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

What’s Your Favorite Thing That Costs Under $50?

Design Mom 1/15 12:54A Design Mom
I bookmarked this tweet the other day because I was enjoying the responses so much. A woman I follow named Caissie St.Onge asked people what products give them a cheap thrill. Her exact words: I’ve...

Harlow’s Recipe for Perfectly Fluffy Pancakes

Mommy Shorts 1/14 9:20A Mommy Shorts
Harlow has been making pancakes for about two years now and she just gets better at it. Every time I post on Instagram, everyone comments on her exceptional technique. From egg-cracking to flipping,...

29 Game-Changing House Rules and Parent Hacks

Mommy Shorts 1/14 7:44A Allie Isnardi
Many of us woke up on January 1st with big ideas and parenting resolutions for the new year. I m gonna get those kids to bed on time! Get everyone out the door without screaming! Crack down on screen...

Living With Kids: Josh Bingham

Design Mom 1/14 2:30A Design Mom
[ Note from Design Mom: Our home tour editor, Josh Bingham , wasn’t available this week, so I’m bringing back a favorite from the archives — his own house! This home tour was originally published in...

Four and a Half Months in France

Design Mom 1/13 3:22A Design Mom
What a lovely weekend we had. We celebrated Oscar s 15th birthday. We attended a King Cake celebration. And we had friends over for a jam session. Then, Ralph and Maude caught the early train to Paris...

Spending New Year’s Eve on the Slopes

Mommy Shorts 1/9 6:55A Allie Isnardi
We decided to switch it up this year and spend New Year’s Eve in Vermont, skiing, sipping hot chocolate and eating s mores. We drove up to Okemo on December 30th and checked into the lodge at Jackson...
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