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New Study Finds This Simple Technique Helps a Crying Baby Get to Sleep

Pregnant Chicken 9/26 7:53A Emily Ramirez
Is there a magic formula for getting a fussy baby to sleep? A recent study out of Japan thinks so. Even if you re only a few days into it, you ve probably noticed that picking up and walking around with a crying baby tends to calm them down a...

Target's Running Their Car Seat Trade-In Event Again!

Pregnant Chicken 9/5 1:13A Heather Dixon
Thanks to Target s car seat trade-in program , parents can get rid of old car seats they can t use anymore in exchange for a 20% coupon for baby gear. Seats, boosters, and bases that have been outgrown, in an accident, or just plain expired all...

8 (Almost) Legit Parenting Hacks Inspired by Animals

Pregnant Chicken 8/26 8:25A Emily Ramirez
Animals have been around a lot longer than we have, so it s natural to look to them for inspiration when trying to figure out how to raise our young. Sure, sure, things in the animal kingdom are a teeny bit different than the average nursery, and...

Back to School Shopping and Budgeting with Spruce

Mommy Shorts 8/1 10:43A Mommy Shorts
On the last day of school, summer seems like it stretches out endlessly, with plenty of time to play, swim, and travel. But, as we all know, July comes and goes before you can even blink and then all...

Dear Google, Please Tell Me What to Do With My Newborn All Day

Pregnant Chicken 7/21 8:41A Amy Colleen
I felt silly for doing it, but I couldn t stop myself any longer. During a midnight nursing session, struggling to stay awake and fighting the dread I felt for the day to come, I pulled out my phone and typed in the search bar. What are you...
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