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London 2022: My in-flight essentials!

Mix and Match Mama 1/20 10:35P Mix and Match Mama
Hello from London, friends! If you ve been following along on Instagram, Wednesday night, Andrew and I boarded a flight and flew across the pond to our very favorite international city.  We arrived on Thursday morning and have been exploring,...

Shay’s Random Grab Bag #2

Mix and Match Mama 1/19 10:35P Mix and Match Mama
Hey, hey Thursday! It s Shay s Random Grab Bag #2! Now, don t worry, I am not going to do these weekly, but I had room on my calendar, so I thought I d do one today.  If you missed Grab Bag #1,... Read More The post Shay s Random Grab Bag #2...

An Apology in Advance to My Soon-To-Be Second Born

Pregnant Chicken 1/19 7:35A Rhea Filipczak
There is nervous anticipation tumbling around in my swollen belly along with you. The feeling is familiar, but still, this time around feels different. The idea of meeting you in a few short weeks is surreal, despite having done this before. In...

Amazon Lately.

Mix and Match Mama 1/18 10:35P Mix and Match Mama
You guys, I am really pretty hyper about today s Amazon Lately. If you re a techy person, I think you re going to be excited about it too! It s random. It s eclectic. It s your typical peek at our Amazon orders ?? .... Read More The post Amazon...

Smith is 12!

Mix and Match Mama 1/17 10:35P Mix and Match Mama
Today, our boy is TWELVE! Happy birthday, Smith! Smith is our kid with the most going on but would most likely prefer I say the least, and not make a huge deal out of his birthday. So, here are just a... Read More The post Smith is 12! appeared...

Mac & Cheese Pulled Pork Stuffed Spuds

Mix and Match Mama 1/17 10:32P Mix and Match Mama
In honor of Smith turning 12 years old today, I m re-posting his original creation Mac Cheese Pulled Pork Stuffed Spuds. We love making Pulled Pork Stuffed Potatoes over here (especially in the fall and winter!), but Smith kept asking us... Read...

A Toast To The Pandemic Babies

Pregnant Chicken 1/17 3:53A Alicia MacManus
It is generally accepted advice that you shouldn t have a baby to save a marriage. But let me tell you, it s not a bad idea when you re trying to save a year. We have finally said goodbye to 2021 a year that began with an insurrection and ended...

Easy Waves for your Monday!

Mix and Match Mama 1/16 10:35P Mix and Match Mama
Hello, friends! It s Monday morning and my kids are home from school in honor of it being Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so I thought I better make this post short and sweet before they re all up here in my... Read More The post Easy Waves for your...

Meal Planning Monday #406

Mix and Match Mama 1/16 10:32P Mix and Match Mama
It s Monday! Again. Keeps happening, right? I m here to make your suppers EASY PEASY!  Warm, hearty, delish and quick!  Everything you need for a busy week! Love ground turkey?  My Chipotle Turkey Chili is a slow cooker fave around here!... Read...

Friday Favorites {01.14.22}

Mix and Match Mama 1/13 10:35P Caroline Forson
Hip hip hooray, it s Friday, and I’m partnering with Nordstrom and ShopStyle to wrap up my week! As you know, I always love shopping at Nordstrom because not only do they have everything my family needs from beauty to shoes to home, clothes,......

20 Winter Citrus Recipes

Mix and Match Mama 1/13 10:32P Mix and Match Mama
Mmmm!  I really love to cook and bake with citrus year around, but there is something so nice about walking into the grocery store this time of year and smelling the stacks of lemons, oranges and limes piled up there... Read More The post 20...

Day in the Life {01.10.22}

Mix and Match Mama 1/12 10:35P Mix and Match Mama
Awwwww it s a Day in the Life post ?? . Each and every year, this is probably the most requested topic from you all to me.    I totally get it because my favorite posts to read on other people’s blogs... Read More The post Day in the Life...

Peanut Butter Honey Oatmeal Bites

Mix and Match Mama 1/12 10:32P Mix and Match Mama
Crazy busy day yesterday, so I thought I d leave this little recipe from last year here for you to check out.  Um, have you made these?!  My PB Honey Oatmeal Bites work at breakfast, as a snack, for dessert are gluten-free... Read More The post...

Let’s Look: How we organize for the New Year!

Mix and Match Mama 1/11 10:35P Mix and Match Mama
Happy Let s Look for 2022! We are so excited to kick off another year of looking at different things with you.  If you don’t know what this is, once a month, Erika and I do a little link up where... Read More The post Let s Look: How we organize...

Taco Tot Bowls

Mix and Match Mama 1/11 10:32P Mix and Match Mama
Friends, here s the deal today s dinner isn t really a recipe, it s an idea. I don t know about you, but by Wednesday, our week is at 85mph.  Between schoolwork, therapies, sporting practices, weeknight games and all of the other stuff that...
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