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Skip Hop TUO Convertible High Chair Recall

Pregnant Chicken 12/12 6:50A Emily Ramirez
Skip Hop has issued a voluntary recall of their TUO convertible high chairs after reports of legs detaching were reported by a small number... The post Skip Hop TUO Convertible High Chair Recall appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

Add-on Gifts: Yea or Nay?

Design Mom 12/12 4:45A Design Mom
Is there someone in your life who is hard to shop for? Or are YOU hard to shop for? I ve been thinking about that this month. Despite the joy I get in creating Gift Guides , I would say gifts are not...

My Baby Turned Nine!

Mommy Shorts 12/11 10:46A Mommy Shorts
My baby turned nine on Sunday! Can you believe it? NINE. She was nine months old when I started this blog, so if you ve been following me since then, that s a REALLY LONG TIME. Also, as many of you...

Living With Kids: Jane Cross

Design Mom 12/11 3:00A Josh Bingham
I am so excited to introduce you to Jane Cross and her family. Jane, her husband, and her kids, live in Asheville, North Carolina. Jane is educated as a nurse, but recently switched tracks to work...

My Favorite Nativity Set

Design Mom 12/10 4:01P Design Mom
Have I told you about our Fontanini Nativity Set. I m a big Fontanini fan. Have you heard of it? Fontanini figures have been designed and handmade in Italy for 110 years. They re sophisticated looking...

STEM Toys for Science Loving Kids

Mommy Shorts 12/10 8:16A Mommy Shorts
A few weeks ago, I asked Mazzy what her favorite subject is in school. Science, she told me. I was surprised. I always hated science as a kid. Looking back though, I think I just had an awful teacher....

What You Need to Know About Ectopic Pregnancy

Pregnant Chicken 12/9 12:28A Kayla Young
Pretty much anytime your doctor uses the word “pregnancy” with an adjective before it, things can get pretty stressful, pretty quickly. If you’ve ever... The post What You Need to Know About Ectopic Pregnancy appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

A Few Things

Design Mom 12/7 8:07A Design Mom
Hello, Friends. How are you? How s December going for you? I was positive this week would feel more laid back at our house, since Scrooge performances ended on Saturday, but it was crazier than...

A Friendly PSA: Honey and Babies Don’t Mix

Pregnant Chicken 12/6 5:43A Emily Ramirez
The FDA is reminding parents that honey isn’t safe for babies after 4 cases of infantile botulism were reported in Texas. All four cases have... The post A Friendly PSA: Honey and Babies Don’t Mix appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

Big Alt Summit Announcement

Design Mom 12/5 5:18P Design Mom
It s an exciting week for me. Did you see the big announcement ? The Opening Keynote Speaker for Alt Summit is Joanna Gaines!! I m always excited to announce our keynotes, but this one feels...

20 Children’s Books with Diverse Main Characters

Mommy Shorts 12/5 8:58A Allie Isnardi
While it s important for our kids to learn about different cultures and ethnicities, it s also important for our kids to see what makes us all the same. In our library, we try to have books that use...

20 of the Funniest Holiday Fail Stories

Mommy Shorts 12/5 4:09A Allie Isnardi
Over the years, I ve had plenty of holiday fails. Like the time I tried to to be the fun mom and do holiday photos in fleece onesies. It wasn t particularly cold that year and the kids were sweltering...

Mazzy Will Buy and Sell Me One Day

Mommy Shorts 12/4 7:54A Mommy Shorts
A few months ago, Mike started putting on CNBC in the morning. So, it s on the whole time we are getting the kids ready in the morning. I didn’t object because talking about shares and futures and...
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