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24 Children’s Books about New York City

Mommy Shorts 7/18 11:00A Allie Isnardi
A few weeks ago, I wrote a guide to all my favorite kid-friendly things to do in New York City. This post inspired Lauren Bercuson, our kid lit contributor and the blogger behind Happily Ever...

Being Pregnant in Germany: Anatomy and Pregnancy Terms auf Deutsch

Pregnant Chicken 7/18 5:16A Christina Spittler
As a pregnant woman living in a first world country, I’ve had many visits to the doctor thus far. Every four weeks, to be... The post Being Pregnant in Germany: Anatomy and Pregnancy Terms auf Deutsch appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

Our Summer So Far

Mommy Shorts 7/16 7:51A Mommy Shorts
For everyone who receives my daily newsletter, I know there was an issue with it last week. We are working on getting it fixed and have paused the daily until it s resolved. In the meantime, you can...

Living With Kids – Richlie Fikes

Design Mom 7/16 5:02A Josh Bingham
Richlie and her husband are house flippers and DIYers and have some of the most unique and interesting ideas for repurposing I ve ever seen! Their family has lived in Coloma, Michigan for 7...

Recipe: Lemon Chiffon Cake with Berries

Design Mom 7/15 4:00A Lindsey Johnson
Hello, Friends! I m traveling today, so I asked Lindsey if she d be up for sharing one of her favorite recipes. Happily she said yes — but I had no idea it would be a gorgeous recipe. I mean look at...

What I Know About Mazzy’s Sleep-away Camp Experience So Far

Mommy Shorts 7/12 9:39A Allie Isnardi
A few people have told me they miss seeing Mazzy in my Instagram stories. IMAGINE HOW I FEEL!!! All week, we’ve been looking through photo galleries that the camp sends us nightly, searching the faces...

A Few Things

Design Mom 7/12 5:00A Design Mom
Hello, Friends. How are you? How was your week? Last night our kids got back from Cousins Week 2019 — the 10 year anniversary of that tradition! It was started by my sister Sara, and it has done...

Is Bakuchiol a Pregnancy-Safe Alternative to Retinol?

Pregnant Chicken 7/11 3:20A Kayla Young
I can appreciate the despair so many pregnant women feel when they have to say goodbye to retinol. In case you aren’t familiar, retinol... The post Is Bakuchiol a Pregnancy-Safe Alternative to Retinol? appeared first on Pregnant Chicken .

#RightToDesire Contest! Win a Louis Vuitton Bag

Design Mom 7/10 12:07P Design Mom
This post is sponsored by the #RightToDesire campaign. As you may already know from our previous discussions , Hypoactive (low) Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) affects 1 in 10 women. One in ten! For too...

Living With Kids: Kimberly Knowle-Zeller

Design Mom 7/9 5:47A Josh Bingham
Please say hello to Kimberly Knowle-Zeller. She and her husband are both pastors in the Evangelical Lutheran church and live in the incredibly charming sounding town of Cole Camp, Missouri. They...

The New Frontier! by The Pioneer Woman

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond 7/9 1:51A The Pioneer Woman
My new cookbook will be here October 22, and it s available for preorder now! It s a brand new book, brand new cover, and brand new frontier! I actually stepped outside the kitchen for this cover, and...

26 Ridiculous Things that Real Siblings Fight Over

Mommy Shorts 7/8 4:11P Allie Isnardi
The relationship between siblings can be adorable and full of unconditional love, but when you have two small children who live in the same house, can t escape each other and are fighting for the same...

Celebrate Your Wins Like Megan Rapinoe

Mommy Shorts 7/8 7:24A Allie Isnardi
The United States Women s National Team won the World Cup on Sunday. It was a game so exciting that both men in my house (Mike and my brother-in-law) made sure it was on to watch. For the record, we...

Mazzy Left for Sleep Away Camp

Mommy Shorts 7/5 6:05A Mommy Shorts
So this was it. On Sunday, Mazzy left for sleep-away camp. This is her first time leaving home and she will be gone for four weeks. Crazy, right? It was a tough decision to send her, because honestly,...
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