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  • Alcuin School: Inspired Learning
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  • Make Summer Special, the Shelton Way Shelton School Read

    Academic and enrichment classes EC - 12, sports, speech therapy, tutoring in reading, writing and spelling, credit courses. Boost skills with Shelton’s respected multisensory approach. And fun, from Broadway to basketball, or programming to penmanship. Click to register now!

  • Summer Enrichment – Weekly Camps at DIS Dallas International School Read

    Campers explore a wide range of activities: Languages, Arts, Sports, STEM, Sewing, Cooking. Build your camp in 3 steps! #1-Select the weeks to attend; #2-Select the morning and/or afternoon activity for each week; #3-Add extended care. Ages 3 and Up.

  • Want Your Child to Love Preschool? St. Christopher’s Montessori School Read

    Call today to schedule a tour to learn how St Christopher's Montessori School will make your child’s first learning experience great. 214.363.9391

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  • St. Christopher's Montessori A
  • Shelton Branding Aug. 2017
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  • One Quick Treatment - Done!
  • Thank You Lakehill Prep
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  • Discover Summer at ESD

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