Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

The Bakers Mann 10/10 3:00A (The Baker's
It seems as though the news is filled with nothing but negativity – anger, distrust, fear. But I have seen kindness. I have been the recipient of friends’ kindness – these friends who drove my kids at...

Nice Partay Idea by The Pioneer Woman

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Cooking 10/9 6:43A The Pioneer Woman
Here s a good thing to throw together for a cocktail party, get together, bash, gathering, soirée or night in front of the TV watching old movies! It can be as easy or complicated as you have time...

Raspberry Muffins

The Bakers Mann 9/25 3:00A (The Baker's
The children are fighting. “How many have you had?” “I’ve only had 2.” Then they uncover the potential for the discrepancy: “Mom, how many have you had?” This time – 3. Usually – 0 (because they won’t...

Grilled Peanut Chicken and Broccolini by The Pioneer Woman

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Cooking 9/25 2:27A The Pioneer Woman
I made this Saturday after throwing a fit (to myself, always to myself, ha) that because I ve had a trip to the grocery store planned for this week, I had nothing to cook. But I was hungry. And by...

Fall-Off-the-Bone Slow Cooker Glazed Ribs by The Pioneer Woman

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Cooking 9/12 3:50A The Pioneer Woman
Hello, friends! You will never, ever experience more tender baby back ribs than the ones you make in a slow cooker. Some kind of crazy magic happens under that lid, I tell you! A “mistake” (which you...

Creamy Cole Slaw

The Bakers Mann 9/12 3:00A (The Baker's
A true friend is one where you can pick up exactly where you left off and the time and space between you doesn’t seem to matter. Sing. Sing a song. Sing out loud. Sing out strong: “I’ll Be There.”...

Pound Cake

The Bakers Mann 9/4 3:00A (The Baker's
I’m all about the slogan. It’s the marketing genius that sticks with you. "Betcha can’t eat just one." Correct – the Lay’s potato chip and I are good friends. "Everybody doesn't like something, but...

Blackberry Cobbler: a repost

The Bakers Mann 9/3 3:21P (The Baker's
I believe. Blackberry Cobbler I believe that nice guys finish first. I believe in fate and destiny. I believe in luck. I believe in purpose. I believe that life is a marathon. I believe in paying it...


The Bakers Mann 9/3 3:10P (The Baker's
“Howdy folks!” It is the well known greeting of Big Tex at the State Fair of Texas, an annual and favorite outing for Travis, Elizabeth and Andrew. We ventured out and crammed in as many rides, games,...

Brownie Pudding

The Bakers Mann 9/3 3:10P (The Baker's
The ice cream truck is alive and well in Dallas, TX. This guy either gets around and has tapped into the cloud which houses our schedule or this is big business and there is a fleet of trucks...

Whoopie Pies

The Bakers Mann 9/3 3:09P (The Baker's
Whoopee – it’s David’s birthday!! What better way to celebrate than to make some whoopie pies (the fancier and softer version of an Oreo)! Thank you, Katie, for sharing your family recipe!! Happy...

Meringue Cookies with Chocolate and Nuts

The Bakers Mann 9/3 3:08P (The Baker's
“Today is a good day for a good day.” – Joanna Gaines, Fixer Upper , HGTV. I love the optimism of this statement: that every day is an opportunity to have a good day. And today – Friday, December 5 –...

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

The Bakers Mann 9/3 3:08P (The Baker's
Been invited to a holiday party and want to bring an appetizer? Watching football this weekend? Whatever your plans, make this hummus (from Barefoot Contessa’s new cookbook, Make It Ahead ). I know –...

Peppermint Meringue Cookies

The Bakers Mann 9/3 3:07P (The Baker's
‘Tis the season for… piano recitals. Yes, the countless hours spent practicing and the 1 minute (if that) of glory and fame, not to mention the other 59 minutes of other people’s kids’ performances....
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