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5 Healthy Adventures for Your Weekend In Austin

Dallas Single Mom 4/15 6:25A Team DallasSingleMomParents
If you’re heading out for a Saturday or Sunday in Austin, you know there is a treasury of options. Simply, Austin is the place where this weekend you’ll find so many ways to stay healthy, active, and...

6 Road Trip Games For Kids On Long Road Trips

Days of a Domestic Dad 4/14 10:24P Colby
When it comes to road trips with your children. How many of you have heard that immortal question multiple times during the journey, no matter what the destination? Games For Kids On Long Road Trips Are we there yet? Multiple generations of...

What You Need to Know About Online Gaming with Friends

Days of a Domestic Dad 4/14 8:51P Colby
Spending time online gaming with friends has surpassed spending on movies and other forms of entertainment. It allows you to immerse yourself in a variety of digital worlds and play on your schedule. However, online gaming comes with risks....

Things That You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Garage Space

Days of a Domestic Dad 4/13 6:58P Colby
Aside from a car, many people don’t know what they can (or can’t) store in their garage. And although empty garages are a perfect way of expanding the storage space you have in your house, you must know what you should and shouldn’t be kept there,...

This is the Cast of Space Jam 2 – Space Jam Trailer

Days of a Domestic Dad 4/12 7:15P Colby
1996. That is when Micheal Jordan s Space Jam was released by Warner Bros. Pictures. Now, in 2021, NBA champion and global icon LeBron James go on an epic adventure alongside timeless Tune Bugs Bunny with the animated/live-action event “Space Jam:...

Ways To Celebrate Your Culture With Family

Dallas Single Mom 4/12 4:50A Kayla BeirneLP
Our culture is part of what makes us who we are, so it’s important to celebrate. Families share many things, including their culture. If you’re looking for fun activities to do as a family, consider...

Screen-Free Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Frisco Mom Life Blog 4/11 9:30P Amy Kryzak
The spring is a lovely time of year, but as the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Being stuck at home on a rainy spring day can be really draining on moms and equally challenging for kids. If you’re wanting to perk up a rainy day...

Best Nail Colors to Boost Your Mood

Dallas Single Mom 4/9 5:12A Kayla BeirneLP
Springtime is here! The sun is shining, flowers are growing, and daylight is lasting longer, which means it’s the perfect season for some much-needed self-care. Consider starting your season of...

Buying Gifts on A Budget

Dallas Single Mom 4/8 11:41A Team DallasSingleMomParents
Take time to choose something special. As a single parent, you may not have the same amount of money at your disposal as you might if there were two incomes available in your household. Due to this,...

Meet the Cast of Black Widow

Days of a Domestic Dad 4/8 8:49A Colby
Marvel Studio’s action-packed spy thriller Black Widow is set to be released this summer. Natasha Romanoff is the primary hero in the Black Widow cast. This film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series of Avenger action movies. Natasha confronts...

Happily Ever Avery // No Infection + Feeling Much Better

7 on a Shoestring 4/8 8:33A Staci Salazar
Avery is feeling much better and has no signs of infection! The fluids, antibiotics, pain meds and sleep have all helped get her well again. Our Family Lifestyle Happily Ever Avery // No Infection + Feeling Much Better

test page

Days of a Domestic Dad 4/7 8:31P Colby
The post test page appeared first on Days of a Domestic Dad .

Happily Ever Avery // Focusing on the Positives

7 on a Shoestring 4/7 10:52A Staci Salazar
Avery slept well last night, seems to be getting much better, and is weaning off of her pain medicines. We're focusing on the positives. Our Family Lifestyle Happily Ever Avery // Focusing on the Positives

Natural and Healthy: 4 Ways To Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

Dallas Single Mom 4/7 9:39A Kayla BeirneLP
Your beauty routine determines more than just how you look each day. In fact, it’s the key to your overall skin health and can contribute to how often you develop blemishes. To look and feel your best...
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