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How to Deal with these 4 Common Household Emergencies

Days of a Domestic Dad 1/21 6:57A Colby
Unfortunately, household emergencies can strike when you least expect them and leave you with costly repairs, extensive damage, or worse. Some common household emergencies include pest infestation, water leaks, and home fires. The post How to...

The All-New Toyota Corolla Hybrid is Electrifying

Days of a Domestic Dad 1/21 6:00A Colby
The Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2020 is a electrifying ride, that is one of the best hybrid compact sedans. Lets talk Toyota Corolla hybrid mpg and the price of Toyota Corolla. The post The All-New Toyota Corolla Hybrid is Electrifying appeared first...

Just Give Me the Recipe Already

7 on a Shoestring 1/21 3:00A Staci Salazar
Have you every yelled at a blogger through your computer to "Just give me the recipe already!" Do you know why bloggers do this? Here are reasons bloggers don't just jump to the recipe every time. Our Family Lifestyle Just Give Me the Recipe Already

Ways To Add Security To Your Family Home

Days of a Domestic Dad 1/21 2:00A Colby
Adding extra security to your family home needn’t always be such an expensive venture. It’s possible to invest in security cameras or new double-glazing and save on other measures, and, at the end of the day, it’s just about being clever about...

Crock Pot Root Beer Pulled Pork

Carrie Elle 1/20 10:00P Carrie
When we find a recipe that the whole family will eat, we put it into our meal planning rotation. This super easy crock pot root beer pulled pork has been a favorite for years. It s another recipe that...

5 Ways to Save for a Vacation

Days of a Domestic Dad 1/20 10:51A Colby
It’s not always easy or pleasant to have your friends or family pay your way for you for your vacations. Here are some ways to save for a vacation. The post 5 Ways to Save for a Vacation appeared first on Days of a Domestic Dad .

Top Tips For Keeping The Family Computer Firing

Days of a Domestic Dad 1/20 9:37A Colby
Talk to your kids about using the computer properly, offer advice and guidance and take a few moments to clean the monitor and keyboard at the end of the day. The post Top Tips For Keeping The Family Computer Firing appeared first on Days of a...

Where to Eat Your Way Through the Lunar New Year {Syndicated}

Dallas Single Mom 1/17 7:18A Rosin Saez
On January 25, the Chinese New Year begins. Also known as the Lunar New Year since several different East Asian cultures celebrate the first new moon of the year, this age-old tradition means ringing in another year by eating lots of lucky—and of...

A Parent’s Guide to a Carnival Cruise with Kids

Carrie Elle 1/16 10:00P Carrie
I feel like my kids have hit the ages where travel is fun . I was always that pre-mom that said, kids won t slow me down! when talking about my travel dreams. But then I had kids and my reality was a...

Robert Downey Jr. – Dolittle

Days of a Domestic Dad 1/16 3:14P Colby
Robert Downey Jr. electrifies one of literature’s most enduring characters in a vivid reimagining of the classic tale of the man who could talk to animals: Dolittle. Who Is Doctor Dolittle After losing his wife (Kasia Smutniak) seven years...

How to Leverage Cooking Classes to Learn to Cook

Days of a Domestic Dad 1/16 2:10P Colby
Building life skills is important and it s often hard work, but that doesn t mean that it can t also be fun. One of the best life skills to learn to cook properly. Learn to Cook Cooking Classes When you make your own food it s easier to track...
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