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Laughter is the Best Medicine When Parenting

Days of a Domestic Dad 1/15 1:11A Colby
Of all the different strategies and techniques for handling situations that come up as a parent, laughter is among the best. Not only does humor and laughter help to alleviate tension and stress, it has also been shown to benefit us physically....

5 Steps to Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Dallas Single Mom 1/13 6:38A Team DallasSingleMomParents
Now more than ever, people are thinking about their health. But maintaining and improving your well-being means more than just taking vitamin supplements and eating  low-carb pasta . Sleep is one of...

Making Choices for Me and Wellness

Dallas Single Mom 1/12 4:10P Teia Collier
Traditional New Year’s resolutions really bother me. Don’t eat sugar. Drink less wine. Cut back on carbs. I don’t like to restrict myself. Instead, I give myself permission the opportunity to make...

Adopting the Life of a Digital Nomad

Dallas Single Mom 1/12 3:19P Teia Collier
By definition, a digital nomad earns their living mostly online and uses this freedom of location to have the independence to travel and live a life unlimited by destination. You, too, can pursue ...

The Best {Easy} Business Ideas for Children

Dallas Single Mom 1/12 7:40A Teia Collier
As parents, we want to do everything we can to give our kids the best chance of success. We want them to value hard work, creativity, and teamwork, and we want them to know that, above all that, they...

Here Is What the New Normal Looks Like

Dallas Single Mom 1/12 6:17A Teia Collier
The good news is that the new normal is going to look a lot like the old normal. You will get back into a routine. That routine might look a little different. But it will be recognizable as a routine....

Healthy Avocado Cappuccino Truffles

Mama Challenge 1/11 12:21P Autumn Rose Reo
What s better than truffles? Healthy truffles! With 5 ingredients you can make healthy avocado cappuccino truffles with a secret ingredient AVOCADOS! It doesn t take much for me to stop for coffee...

Key Performance Indicators Every Blogger Should Be Monitoring

7 on a Shoestring 1/11 8:20A Staci Salazar
Key performance indicators give you a great insight into how your blog is performing and whether you’re on track to achieve your goals. Our Family Lifestyle Key Performance Indicators Every Blogger Should Be Monitoring

It All Adds up: 3 Benefits of Having a Cash Back Credit Card

Days of a Domestic Dad 1/11 4:24A Colby
Whether you’re building credit or just ready for a financially rainy day, a credit card is a valuable piece of plastic to have in your wallet. Having the ability to spread out payments on large purchases or take care of unforeseen expenses can...

Relax – They’re Just Kids

Days of a Domestic Dad 1/11 1:34A Colby
While raising children is one of life’s most rewarding experiences, it can also be stressful. Parents are on call 24 hours a day, which can cause stress levels to build. This anxiety can lead to difficulty sleeping, headaches, or a lowered immune...

Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs

Carrie Elle 1/10 10:00P Carrie
I have been on a real sheet pan/one pan meal kick lately. They re just so convenient! And this Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs is no exception. Not only is convenient, but it s some of my...

Power and Comfort of the Ford Expedition

Days of a Domestic Dad 1/8 8:28A Colby
The new Ford Expedition is nothing short of the ultimate in sport utility vehicles (SUV). This car has power, an imposing presence, and plenty of room for a large family. Ford Expedition In addition, this vehicle can tow a staggering 9,300 pounds...

3 Most Common Hardwood Flooring Issues To Watch Out For

Dallas Single Mom 1/8 5:55A Kayla BeirneLP
With great flooring comes great responsibility. Hardwood floors can last for generations if you take good care of them. The research and maintenance you put into preserving this part of your home will...
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